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Salon with a Heart

The team at Hair FX work hard to live up to their two mottos: “All the talent, without the attitude.”

By: Lorrie Ward Jackson | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: March 2010

Tammie Beyer, owner of Hair FX in Tulsa, wants her salon to be known as “The Salon with a Heart.”

Tammie Beyer, owner of Hair FX in Tulsa, wants her salon to be known as “The Salon with a Heart.”

“When you take care of your guests’ needs first, it all comes back to you in the end,” says Tammie Beyer, owner of Hair FX in Tulsa’s Fontana Shopping Center. “I can truly say there is no selfishness on our floor.”

Tammie points to her team as the reason she feels Hair FX is such a success. “I am so blessed to have these people with me. When I have a bad day, I can feel the positive energy here and it boosts my mood. It has taken me all of my 13 years in the business to get this team.”

The team at Hair FX work hard to live up to their two mottos: “All the talent, without the attitude” and “We do hair, serious hair.” Each month, the team participates in classes to keep up on trends; Tammie points out that at other places, the average stylist gets education every two years. “There is no downtime here,” Tammie adds. “We are always busy, either doing hair, practicing our craft, watching educational videos, reading self-motivating books about our profession, cleaning the salon. And it is everyone’s choice to be this way.”

It is the strong commitment from each individual that makes Tammie feel so fortunate to work with this group of people. “There’s an old saying, ‘You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink,’” says Tammie. “You must have people who have passion in their craft, a love for what they are doing, and who believe in their industry. My team believes.”

Tammie feels that another reason her team is so successful in service to the public is because they are more than a team – they are like family. “If one person on the team has something important or difficult happen, everyone feels it with their heart,” she says. “We all share the load together.” The staff at Hair FX frequently has round table meetings, which Tammie describes as a meeting of the minds. She explains that the circle allows everyone to see everyone else, and gives them the sense that what one person does affects all the other people on the team. They also have weekly “huddles” to help each individual work through any problems he or she might be currently facing.

The staff of Hair FX extends its services even beyond their clients and each other – they stretch out helping hands to the community. “We want our guests to know that when they obtain services, part of the money goes back into the community,” Tammie says. “We are so big into giving back.”

Hair FX provides a broad spectrum of hair services – cut, color, texture, style, treatment and wash – and is a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon, which means they exclusively carry Paul Mitchell products. This includes a full line of shampoos and conditioners for different types of hair and hairstyles, and Paul Mitchell Tea Tree products as well. So if you are ready to change your appearance in a loving and accepting environment, look no further than Hair FX, where quality hair care is serious business – and a labor of love.

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