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Dr. Saint of Tulsa Urology is friendly, caring and humorous, and widely considered the area’s most experienced surgeon for bladder and testis cancers.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Other | Issue: September 2011

Richard B. Saint, MD, of Tulsa Urology.

Richard B. Saint, MD, of Tulsa Urology.

Richard B. Saint, MD, has recently announced the opening of his new practice, Tulsa Urology. The facility is located in the new St. John Medical Office Building in Broken Arrow, just north of the Broken Arrow Expressway at 61st Street and Elm Place.
    The doctor’s personality, charm, good humor, and genuine interest in what you’re saying immediately make you feel welcome and put you at ease. It’s easy to understand why his patients genuinely admire, trust and respect him.
    Dr. Saint was recruited to Tulsa, where he has been in ­practice for 21 years. He is recognized as a regional authority in the field of bladder and testis cancer, as well as other urological malignancies. Dr. Saint trained with the surgeons of the 1980s that developed the Indiana Pouch, a form of urinary diversion that revolutionized urinary tract reconstruction in patients who required the removal of their bladder because of cancer.  
    In 1992, Dr. Saint ­performed the first bladder replacement in Oklahoma using the small intestine. This ­procedure allows patients to ­urinate on their own despite having had their bladders surgically removed. In addition, the doctor trained with surgeons and medical oncologists at Indiana University who, through combined efforts, made testis cancer the most curable solid organ cancer in medicine. Dr. Saint is widely considered the most ­experienced surgeon in the region with regard to both these diseases. He is also highly ­experienced in other areas of urological oncology.
    Having studied under other pioneers in the minimally invasive treatments of urinary tract stones, including ureteroscopy and percutaneous nephrostolithotomy, Dr. Saint also had the opportunity to utilize the first lithotripter that existed in North America. This device is used to pulverize kidney stones and gallstones with ultrasound shock waves.
    Dr. Saint is quite ­enthusiastic about the opening of his new practice and looks forward to the opportunity to have direct control over the care and services Tulsa Urology offers. The doctor and his staff are ­committed to providing excellent urological care and superior responsiveness to referring ­physicians, their staffs, and their patients. Dr. Saint regularly ­performs surgery on patients that other urologists refer to him due to the nature and complexity of the recommended surgical procedures.
    Dr. Saint identifies readily with a past era that he feels was truly patient oriented. “My practice is neither corporate nor insurance carrier driven,” he says. “We genuinely care about people.” Dr. Saint adds that his staff was selected not only for their training and professional qualifications, but also because their patient interactions are superb and they are very responsive to the needs of those who come to Tulsa Urology for help.
    Tulsa Urology is committed to cooperating with healthcare systems in an effort to find ways to make ongoing improvements in interactions with patients. “We have the opportunity to deliver input with our healthcare partners on how patients are treated,” says Dr. Saint. “We will always do our best to make ourselves personally available to referring physicians.”
    On Dr. Saint’s website,, patients are able to get professional instruction and information about the various diseases, treatments, and procedures provided by Tulsa Urology.
    Dr. Saint’s staff summed up his practice this way: “We ­provide old-style patient culture with cutting-edge technology. Dr Saint’s practice will be a ­model for medical practices and patient care of the future.”

For more information, contact

Tulsa Urology

Dr. Richard B. Saint

800 W. Boise Circle #290
Broken Arrow, OK 74012
(918) 872-9611

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