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What if you could give peace of mind to those you love?

By: Lorrie Jackson | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: June 2009

Jim Quintus shows how easy it is to use the Garage Butler.

What if you could give peace of mind to those you love? If you think this is impossible, think again. Thanks to Jim Quintus of Owasso, you can give this gift – and the cost is far less than you ever could have imagined.

Jim invented the Garage Butler over ten years ago to help people protect the contents of their garage. Since most often the garage is a portal into the house, the Garage Butler also helps protect the valuables inside your home – and the valuable people who reside there as well. The device works on a timer. When the garage door has been left open and the set time elapses, the Garage Butler will beep for 30 seconds to warn you that the garage door will soon close. If you do not respond, the device signals the garage door to close.

The Garage Butler is also equipped with a dark or dusk feature. For instance, you may want to keep your garage door open on purpose. You may plan to clean the garage or have a garage sale. You would simply press the hold button. This stops Garage Butler’s timing action and the door will stay open. However, as darkness descends on the garage, a photocell inside Garage Butler will sense the change and shut the garage door. As always, a 30-second warning precedes closing in case you want to get into the garage before the door closes.  

Afraid your child or pet might be harmed by the closing garage door? Not to worry. Garage Butler does not interfere with the safety beam or with any of the safety circuits of the opener. It is compatible with all brands of garage door openers and comes in two models. The GB101 is Jim’s original invention and has two time settings – 3 minutes or 30 minutes – and the dark feature. The most recent model, the GB201, has six time settings: 3, 10, 20, 30, 45 or 60 minutes. Both models are available for delivery.

“I can install the device for you,” says Jim. “But you probably won’t need my help. Garage Butler can be easily installed by the homeowner and doesn’t require any special tools.”

So if you have a loved one who often forgets to shut the garage door – or if you have that problem yourself! – be sure to consider the Garage Butler. It makes a great gift and is affordable, especially if you consider peace of mind to be priceless.

There will be no shipping and handling charge for Father’s Day. Prices increase July 1, 2009, so give Jim a call today.

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