Safely Spreading Holiday Cheer

All Weathers Electric can help you make the season as beautiful and safe as it can possibly be.

By: Lorrie Ward Jackson | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: November 2007

Roy Weathers, pictured with his son, wants you to have a safe holiday season.

In the last several decades, a new holiday tradition has developed in many American families: driving through neighborhoods to view Christmas lights. In the darkness of winter, these lights twinkle and shine, adding a sense of magic to an already joyful season. But those who assemble those lights during the day can recall tales of hard work and frustration; stories of dangerous ladders, long extension cords and high electric bills. If you are a creator of these bright displays, Roy Weathers, owner of All Weathers Electric, offers a helpful service to take some of the stress away from your experience.

“We can install receptacles in the eaves of your home to eliminate the use of extension cords,” Roy says. “This eliminates extension cord draping, multiple cords plugged in together and overload of circuit breakers.”

Roy takes interest in homeowners’ personal safety and in the safety of their homes. “The more extension cords you can eliminate, the safer your home will be during the holiday season,” he says. “When you do have to use an extension cord, use one with three prongs that have 12- to 14-guage wires. Smaller wires will burn up.” Roy also warns against cutting the grounding prongs off extension cords to make them fit an inadequate or outdated receptacle. “This will create danger for you, your children and your home,” he says.

Winter weather conditions are also an important consideration when hanging Christmas lights. Since lights are on display when Oklahoma’s icy and snowy weather is in full effect, All Weathers Electric installs in-use, weatherproof covers for outdoor receptacles. Plugs are kept from getting wet, and they receive extra protection from sleet and snow.

Timers on outdoor receptacles can also be installed by All Weathers Electric to help keep homes safe from would-be intruders who watch for signs of holiday travel. And all outdoor receptacles are protected by ground fault circuit interrupters, commonly referred to as GFCI’s. This is extremely important for protection against electrocution where water is a factor. According to Roy, GFCI-protected receptacles should also be used in bathrooms and kitchens.

Providing services for all your home’s electrical needs, indoor and out, All Weathers Electric truly lives up to its name throughout the year. From installing ceiling fans to lighting fixtures, extra plug-ins for appliances or computers, recessed lighting, track lighting or outdoor security lighting, no job is too great for All Weathers Electric. “Our motto is ‘any weather, any time,’” Roy mentions.

Roy has 15 years of experience as an electrician. He worked with a well-known local company for years before recently branching out and starting his own company. All Weathers Electric has since been steadily growing and now has five employees and five trucks. Serving home and commercial electrical needs, the company can also work with new construction and remodels. But, while many electricians have geared their businesses toward new construction, Roy prefers to provide service to homeowners and individual commercial customers. “At All Weathers Electric, we really want to concentrate on service,” he says.

Whether you want to light up your yard like an airport runway or just add a few simple strands of Christmas lights to celebrate the holiday season, make safety your first consideration and call All Weathers Electric. The company can help you make the season as beautiful and safe as it can possibly be.

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