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Linda Butcher has been making homes more beautiful for over 30 years and says that she never grows tired of her chosen work.

By: Shelly Robinson | Category: Home Interior Retail | Issue: August 2008

Interior Decorator Linda Butcher can make your home beautiful and inviting.

Home decorating seems to fall into two categories. There are picture-perfect rooms that look like they should be on a magazine page, but seem more like a museum than a home. Then there are the gorgeous rooms that are so warm and wonderful, you get a very personal sense of the family who calls it home. These are the types of welcoming spaces Linda Butcher creates in her role as interior decorator. Linda also has the help of her sister-in-law and assistant Katherine Troglin.

Linda Butcher has been making homes more beautiful for over 30 years and says that she never grows tired of her chosen work. “Helping someone create a room that makes them happy is a wonderful thing,” she said. While some of her clients go for the bold look of a tropical theme, others favor more traditional décor and wish to express a French Country or Old World feel. Linda has worked with a wide variety of styles, including Western, Rustic, Native American, Lodge and Oriental. “It all depends on the customer’s taste and what they want to accomplish in the space.”

The housing market in our area is quite active, and with all the new homes comes the need for organization and home décor. Sometimes homeowners get the house of their dreams, but then aren’t sure what to do with it. It’s easy to become frustrated as you try to incorporate your current furniture into a new floor plan. Those who are purchasing new furnishings may be uncertain of what to buy. Some people become so overwhelmed, they just give up and “make do” for months or even years. Linda says that many of her clients have called when they are faced with a new home and a garage full of boxes. “It can be overwhelming to try to place the furniture, incorporate the old with the new, and figure out how to organize a new home. That’s where I come in,” says Linda.

The first step is for Linda and Katherine to visit your home and get a feel for your personal style, budget and the scope of the project, be it one room, or an entire house. Then they will come back with a plan to help you select color schemes, fabrics, furnishings and flooring. Linda will suggest lighting options, customized window treatments and bedding as well.

Linda will also bring a variety of accessories, florals, framed pictures, lamps and accent furniture for approval so that you can see how they will look in your home. Linda will take you shopping with her at the Dallas market or shop with you locally.

Whether you are starting from scratch on a new home, remodeling or relocating, Linda can help you make your space beautiful and functional. Linda also decorates commercial spaces to help businesses make that great all-important first impression, and she stages homes to bring top dollar when they are placed on the market.

Linda decorates locally in Oklahoma or will travel out of state as needed for her clients. Some of her favorite projects are those given as gifts. “I’ve done projects for birthdays, anniversary presents and retirement gifts, Christmas, etc. It is a very thoughtful gesture that lasts for years and is some of my most rewarding work.”

Linda is definitely a people person and enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for home decorating. She loves speaking to organizations and groups about decorating trends and the latest innovations in the business. “I have a great time visiting with people. I give away a door prize – it’s a lot of fun,” she says.

Contact Linda today to schedule an appointment or find out more about her services; the initial consultation is always free. A fabulous home is just a phone call away.

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Linda Butcher, Interior Decorator

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