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Rock Solid Materials in Bixby is a fun place to shop for just about any indoor, outdoor, or backyard project you can imagine in which stone is going to be utilized.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: September 2008

Owners Bryan Ketchum and Kris Konkler fully enjoy their partnership in Rock Solid Materials. The Bixby business affords customers dozens of product choices for building and remodeling.

Rock Solid Materials in Bixby is a fun place to shop for just about any indoor, outdoor, or backyard project you can imagine in which stone is going to be utilized. Located next door to the Easton Sod Farm at 123rd St. on S. Memorial, Rock Solid has a great outdoor showroom full of all colors and types of rocks and stone products.

Their natural stone inventory includes flagstone, chopped stone, tumbled stone, thin veneers, creek rock, moss rock, builders’ rock and more. Every time you visit the location you’re going to see new products such as outdoor fireplace kits, outdoor kitchen kits, custom pool materials, hot tubs and flagstone patio products. Partners Bryan Ketchum and Kris Konkler explained that they are also doing stamp-and-stain concrete for driveways, patios and indoor areas.

One of the specialties of Rock Solid Materials is a native thin veneer stone that is a local product. “We are the leader in thin-cut stone in the Tulsa area,” said Konkler. The company cuts their own stone, including sawing 90-degree corners into rock to be used with the thin veneer product, making corners a snap to install. Plus, they look really great and are permanent.

The partners say that their products are very competitively priced because they use thin veneer materials from Oklahoma, which in turn eliminates much of the trucking expense incurred when products are shipped from out of state. Most of us will agree that it’s nice to buy and use Oklahoma-made products whenever we can.

Thin veneer corners are cut by Rock Solid Materials from native Oklahoma stones.

All of the stone products featured at Rock Solid are natural, not man-made or “fake” stone. Thin veneer products have been extremely popular on both the east and west coasts for years, but have just recently gained popularity in the Midwest.    Because thin veneer products are lighter than full-thickness stone, the user does not have to worry with pouring big footings for support, and trucks can carry more square footage of surface stone per load – approximately 4,000 to 4,500 square feet per truckload compared to approximately 1,000 to 1,200 square feet for full-thickness stones. It also takes less time to clean up a job site when utilizing thin veneers because there is virtually no waste material. Full-thickness stones used in construction must be chipped away to make them fit.      

Applications for thin veneers include any stone remodeling or new build, including veneers in kitchens and bar areas.

Limestone stackers are also a featured product of the company; they are super for border applications, flowerbeds, small retaining walls and water features. They are a local product, and Rock Solid has an unlimited supply available.

Ketchum proudly states, “We are still all about providing the greatest customer service available. We also take a lot of pride in the number and variety of products we have on hand for our customers, including a great selection of kits, the quality of our installations, and our ability to deal with any potential problem a customer might have with a product or installation.” One of the owners is available on every construction site.

Rock Solid Materials caters to building contractors, individual custom jobs, and do-it-yourselfers. Complete information and ideas are available at Rock Solid Materials’s outdoor showroom. You’re invited to call or stop by today.

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