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Wanda Harris, N.D., is passionate about getting her clients on the road to better health

By: Kim Thornhill | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: January 2009

Wanda Harris, N.D., invites you to visit The Herbal Lady in Owasso, where she offers a wide variety of vitamins and supplements to assist you in improving your overall health.

Wanda Harris, N.D., is passionate about getting her clients on the road to better health. Better known as owner of Owasso’s The Herbal Lady, Harris is a doctor of naturopathy and an iridologist.

For more than 33 years, Dr. Harris has been an herbalist. She helps people from all over the United States learn to heal their bodies with the right combination of good nutrition and supplements. She travels to California and Tennessee a few times a year and does phone consultations, in addition to consultations at her Owasso location.

“I am not a medical doctor. Iridology is one of the tools I use to find the root of your problem,” said Harris. “The body doesn’t communicate in medical terms, and I don’t work on treating symptoms. I get to the root cause.”

What is the root cause? “Inflammation is one of the root causes of disease,” said Dr. Harris. “Inflammation triggers disease.”

To combat inflammation and other root causes, Dr. Harris helps clients discover which essential nutrients they are lacking. Essential nutrients include pure water, enzymes, fiber, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, probiotics and essential fatty acids.

“The body knows what it needs,” said Dr. Harris. “Herbs work. I’m just the coach in helping people help themselves.”

Iridology is the study of the colored part of the eye, called the iris, to determine potential health problems. Iridologists believe that changing patterns and markings in the iris can be used to reveal emerging conditions in every part of the body and to identify inherited weaknesses that may lead to illness and disease.

Dr. Harris uses a special camera connected to the computer to assist in reading a person’s eyes. She keeps computer-generated charts on her findings so that a client’s progress can be monitored from one visit to the next.

To stay up-to-date on the latest information, Dr. Harris regularly researches products, supplements and health information. She’s found a new product called Stem Enhance that supports the natural release of adult stem cells.

Embryonic stem cells have been making national headlines for months. Adult stem cells have the same remarkable ability to develop and replicate in each adult’s body without controversial procedures. Over time, the number and quality of circulating stem cells decreases in adults, but Stem Enhance encourages the release of stem cells and improves cell repair as well as organ and tissue function, leading to improved overall health.

“We all have stem cells,” said Dr. Harris. “We heal quickly when we are young. Stem Enhance stimulates your own body to heal itself through stem cell release from bone marrow.”

In addition to Stem Enhance, Dr. Harris carries a wide variety of supplements from Nature’s Sunshine. “This company was the first to encapsulate herbs in 1972. Their products are FDA approved and tested on a pharmaceutical grade level.”

Dr. Harris encourages clients to bring in any supplements they are already taking. She’ll discuss how her supplements and vitamins can work in conjunction with other supplements and medications. “I will not take a person off medication since I didn’t put them on it,” said Dr. Harris.  

The first consultation lasts about an hour. Dr. Harris can help you find a healthy balance and begin to rebuild toward a healthier body through education, behavior modification and essential nutrients.

The Herbal Lady is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday and Saturday. Dr. Harris sees clients by appointment on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. For more information, call (918) 274-4114.

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