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Do you suffer from the pain of headaches, migraines, or other discomforts of the head, neck or jaw? A Family Dentist may be able to help.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Professional Services | Issue: January 2013

DMRTs offering TruDenta at A Family Dentist in Broken Arrow include Joni Fitzpatrick, Kendall McKown and ­Kathleen Brown.

DMRTs offering TruDenta at A Family Dentist in Broken Arrow include Joni Fitzpatrick, Kendall McKown and ­Kathleen Brown.

Dr. Dennis J. Carlile and staff at A Family Dentist are proud to be offering the revolutionary TruDenta TM system designed to diagnose and treat headaches, migraines, face and jaw pain, and other recurring discomforts of the head, neck, mouth and jaw. Through a series of painless tests, they can help discover the source of your pain and prescribe a ­personalized program of therapy and rehabilitation designed to lead to lasting resolution of your migraine and headache pain.

    A Family Dentist is the only dental office providing TruDenta treatment in Oklahoma. Historically, dentists have been trained to repair teeth, straighten and whiten them, and even replace them. Prior to TruDenta, dentists had not been fully equipped to diagnose and treat symptoms caused by the many complex forces that operate and control your head, mouth, jaw and teeth. The head is the home of a ­myriad of nerves, muscles, ­tendons, ligaments, joints and bones which affect your teeth and your overall health.

    When not properly ­balanced, the forces created by these elements can result in ­serious conditions that include headaches and migraines; chronic head, neck and face pain; ­clenching; grinding; ringing or fullness in the ears; broken teeth; popping of the jaw; loss of sleep; snoring; sleep apnea; constant tiredness and other symptoms not typically associated with ­dentistry. Through TruDenta, Dr. Carlile’s office treats and resolves underlying causes of these problems, not just the symptoms.

    Dr. Carlile and three staff members have received extensive training and certification as ­dental mandibular rehabilitation therapists (DMRTs). Staff ­members Kendall McKown and Joni Fitzpatrick have also been recruited to train others to become TruDenta DMRTs. Other certified DMRT staffers at A Family Dentist include Joni Fitzpatrick and Kathleen Brown. 

    Patients with any of the underlying problems are ­submitted to three tests to isolate the cause of discomfort. Testing includes an in-depth Head Health and Headache history form, Range of Motion, and Force of Bite analysis. After ­testing, Dr. Carlile and his DMRT staff consult to review findings and determine precise treatment courses.   

    TruDenta treatments are painless and require no drugs or needles. Your DMRT utilizes ­systems and methods that have been perfected in sports and advanced dental medicine to ­rapidly and painlessly begin ­providing lasting relief for issues many have suffered from for years. They can also help reverse an unbalanced bite that usually leads to painful dysfunctions of the TMJ and dental foundation.

    Patients come in for an intial number of treatments. The in office treatment modalities include ultrasound, trigger point therapy, cold laser and ­

micro-current units. Home ­treatments, including MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) topical lotion and supplements and an orthotic rehabilitation appliance are also a very integral part of the therapy program. “If a patient has been taking medications for pain, we want them off those meds,” said Kendall. “They are usually just a band aid and ­provide no lasting relief or cure to the actual conditions causing the pain.” A Family Dentist has successfully treated patients who have suffered from TMJ and migraines. “Stress, smells, and even foods can trigger migraines,” says Kendall. After TruDenta treatment, a patient may also receive a recommendation for additional dental care.

    Dr. Carlile opened A Family Dentist with the goal of ­providing the Broken Arrow community the highest quality dental care available. He and his staff are dedicated to serving patients in an environment of strong ethics and integrity and to provide the latest high-tech equipment, techniques and ­treatments available in their field.

    Please visit and read the testimonials of actual patients who have received TruDenta treatments from A Family Dentist. If you suffer from any of the symptoms ­treatable by the life-changing ­dentistry of TruDenta, it will be well worth the read.

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