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Reveal Salon & Aesthetics at 91st and Memorial in Tulsa provides quality hair, nail and skin services.

By: Lorrie Ward | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: May 2013

The staff of Reveal Salon & Aesthetics (L to R): (back row) Troy Edmonds, Audrey Loney, (front row) Debbie Edmonds, Nicole McGinnis, Stephanie Dawn Ritter, DeAllen Brown, and Shaela Fleig. (Not pictured: Laurenn Williams.)

The staff of Reveal Salon & Aesthetics (L to R): (back row) Troy Edmonds, Audrey Loney, (front row) Debbie Edmonds, Nicole McGinnis, Stephanie Dawn Ritter, DeAllen Brown, and Shaela Fleig. (Not pictured: Laurenn Williams.)

Several months ago, when Nicole McGinnis opened Reveal Salon & Aesthetics, she wanted to create more than just a place where people could come for skin, hair and nail treatments by quality, trained professionals. She wanted to create this place within a familial environment, where clients could feel as ­comfortable with the atmosphere around the stylist’s chair as they did while relaxing at home.

    Nicole bought the salon at 91st and Memorial in September of 2012 and changed its name to reflect the motto “Refresh, Renew, Reveal.” She felt that both experience and atmosphere were integral to earning the trust of clients who want to see the transformation that matches this motto. She was happy that Master Barber DeAllen Brown decided to remain at the salon, and she set about adding a staff of qualified and caring stylists, including Stephanie Dawn Ritter, Shaela Fleig, Laurenn Williams, Audrey Loney, and Troy Edmonds. Troy’s wife, Debbie, also joined the team as nail technician. Everyone on staff has years of experience. Troy, for example, has worked as a stylist for 40 years and Debbie, his spouse of almost 30 years, has been doing nails for 27 years. Both Troy and Debbie have maintained a solid clientele over their tenure of service.

    All stylists participate in continuing education as well, which is important in an ­industry with ever-changing trends and advancing techniques. One popular service right now is the Brazilian Blowout, a hair smoothing treatment that ­eliminates frizz – a common complaint in Oklahoma’s humid climate. Also available for those with curl and frizz problems is Keratin Smoothing. These two techniques can be performed for short or long term results. Nicole reports that the Keratin Smoothing treatments last ­anywhere from four to six weeks. “People are having their color and highlights done and then the Keratin treatments,” Nicole notes. “It’s best to do it this way, so that the Keratin treatment seals the color into the hair.”

    Nicole’s reputation as an esthetician is as solid as the ­reputations of her stylists, but since she will not sing her own praises, Nail Technician Debbie Edmonds does it for her. “All of my clients who go to Nicole for skin care love her,” says Debbie. “She’s got that touch.” Debbie herself recently visited Nicole for a few sessions of MicroPhototherapy and saw ­dramatic results after just one treatment. “When I was done, I wanted to hug her,” says Debbie. “She’s fabulous.”

    Nicole strives to help clients create unique skin care regimens for each particular skin concern. For example, she evaluates the skin to see if it needs a peel and at what level and frequency, and decides whether it could benefit from microdermabrasion or MicroPhototherapy. Her most recent addition to the menu is Face Reality, a program ­specifically designed for ­long-term treatment of acne. “One of the problems with acne is that people treat it too ­aggressively,” says Nicole. “The skin either gets too dry or it gets used to the product, which then stops working. Face Reality introduces its key ingredient at a lower strength and increases strength gradually, giving long-term results.”

    “Long-term” is what Nicole and the staff at Reveal Salon are all about. Whether you want to begin a lasting regimen for your skin or hair – or both – visit Reveal Salon & Aesthetics and experience the atmosphere where lasting results and ­relationships are created.

For more information, contact

Reveal Salon & Aesthetics

8929 S. Memorial #170
Tulsa, OK 74133
(918) 891-9634

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Reveal Salon & Aesthetics

For more information, contact:

Reveal Salon & Aesthetics

(918) 891-9634
8929 S. Memorial Dr. #170 | Tulsa, OK 74133
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