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Reveal Salon’s Highlights

By: Macy Goodnight | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: June 2020

Marsha Thayer and Stefanie Ritter of Reveal Salon.

Marsha Thayer and Stefanie Ritter of Reveal Salon.

The aesthetics experts at Reveal Salon are a team, and the end game is ensuring each of their clients look and feel their absolute best. A wide range of services are offered at the full-service salon, including hair, nails, comprehensive skincare and anti-aging treatments, as well as enhancements for eyebrows and eyelashes. 

“Our salon is such a great place, as it’s comfortable and inviting,” said Marsha Thayer. “We all love and support each other and our customers.” Marsha performs eyelash extensions at Reveal and has specialized in the enhancement for seven years. The application adds length and thickness to established lashes and gives customers beautiful framing for their eyes. The process is simple; for each lash that exists, one thicker lash or multiple thinner lashes can be added. Marsha can provide consultation and recommendations to help her customers achieve the look that they desire. “It’s really all about the wow factor,” she said. “I’ll help you find what fits your personality, and find what works for you.” Some clients prefer a more dramatic look for portfolios or weddings. Others just want to enhance what they already have. “I do have some showgirls from the casino that come in, and they want something more extreme,” said Marsha. “For them, that wow factor is their job.”

Preparation for extensions will include washing the eyelashes before attaching new lashes, one by one. The lash extensions will last weeks before a fill is needed. Marsha will assist in finding the right look, and has a portfolio to review, but says customers can look on Pinterest for ideas too. “They’re your lashes, and it’s your choice on how you want to style them or how you want to look.”

Stefanie Ritter is a hairstylist at Reveal and is also an expert on eyebrows. Her services include men’s, women’s and children’s haircuts, color and highlights, balayage, Brazilian Blowouts, as well as eyelash and eyebrow tinting. With eyebrow glam being a large part of current trends, Stefanie can provide expert level advice and service for bodacious brows. “I’m a hair-apist,” she said. “There’s so much more to it than just hair. It makes you feel good about yourself and gives you a higher level of confidence.” For many people, taking care of themselves and enjoying the time for beauty treatments or enhancements can help them perform better; for work, interviews, or increased confidence for social interaction.

One of the latest trends in hair care is balayage. For hair color, this process entails painting color on, rather than foiling in. The benefit provides a longer grow-out period, requiring maintenance every six months, rather than in a few weeks. Stefanie’s specialization in this process is part of her 11 years of experience in her industry, and she is also a third-generation stylist in her family. She has seven years of experience in providing the smoothing treatment for hair known as the Brazilian Blowout. “The treatment isn’t a straightener, but smooths hair with zero frizz,” she said. “It loosens curls too, and lasts up to 12 weeks.”

Every member of the team at Reveal Salon works to ensure their customers know that they are the highlights and that they feel as important and special as they are. For more information on their many services, visit their website at

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Reveal Salon

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Reveal Salon

(918) 891-9634
8929 S. Memorial Dr. #170 | Tulsa, OK

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