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Waterstone Private Wealth Management in Owasso will host Retirement Boot Camp.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Financial Services | Issue: September 2010

“Drill Sergeants” Melanie Hasty-Grant and Ken Grant stress that Retirement Boot Camp will not be easy, but it will prepare you for retirement.

“Drill Sergeants” Melanie Hasty-Grant and Ken Grant stress that Retirement Boot Camp will not be easy, but it will prepare you for retirement.

Are you on the fast track to retirement? This might be a great time to assess your finances to see if retirement will be like marching in review, or if a sneak attack is imminent.  

“Drill Sergeants” Ken Grant and Melanie Hasty-Grant of Waterstone Private Wealth Management in Owasso will host Retirement Boot Camp on Friday, September 24 from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. at The Summit Club in downtown Tulsa. This is your opportunity to investigate basic ground rules for retirement.    

The Grants’ seven steps to retirement include: 1) max out 401(k)s, 2) max out IRAs, 3) max out savings, 4) spend differently, 5) invest differently, 6) retire differently and 7) protect assets.  

Retirement goals have changed over the decades. Retirement is no longer spending more time at the beach or playing more golf. The number one goal of retirement is to achieve financial security. Most people want freedom from the pressures associated with “working for a paycheck” – they want to do whatever it is they enjoy doing. Some might work less during the retirement years, but a lot will be working harder because they’ll be doing things they enjoy, which is known to increase energy levels. Retirees hope to find career pressures lessened and, therefore, find more time for relaxing. Many will find that others are willing to pay us for our advice or skills, and health studies have long proven that minds stay sharp when challenged. Consider working part time after retirement. This way, it’s possible to keep that nest egg intact and growing with contributions even after retirement.

Melanie and Ken recommend protecting retirement plans with adequate health insurance, including possible long-term care. Shore up front lines, toughen up, face the facts, and plan on living happily for a long time. Managing a retirement portfolio is not an easy task. We want to have time for travel, fun, grandkids, and more, but we’ve got to stay vigilant for dangers that might affect our retirement portfolios. Never assume that everything is going to be fine. Change the way you think about money, and be ready to protect your investments from whatever the future brings.

“We really put clients through a rigorous Retirement Boot Camp – or training process – to help them assess if they are financially prepared for retirement,” says Melanie. One might ask, “When do I get out of the Grants’ Boot Camp?” The answer is never! You must always remain on guard to maintain your freedom. You’re always subject to attack. “It’s your life, your future,” says Ken, “and we want you to be armed to protect it.”

Ken and Melanie run a tough Retirement Boot Camp. With a primary focus on finances, attendees will know exactly what to expect and what is expected of them in the march for retirement. Recruits are required to complete a checklist of exercises that include taking a look at spending habits so that necessary adjustments may be made, for example, to pay off a mortgage. Your drill sergeants use seven drills to help evaluate your readiness for retirement. They include: 1) spending, 2) net worth statement, 3) insurance audit, 4) goal setting, 5) increase savings, 6) tax planning and 7) estate planning.

“People seem to put more effort into planning a vacation than they do into finances and planning for retirement,” Hasty-Grant says. Are you ready for Retirement Boot Camp, soldier?

Retirement Boot Camp will be held Friday, September 24 at The Summit Club in the Bank of America building at 15 W. 6th St., downtown Tulsa. To pre-register, call (918) 272-1120. This event is free to the first 30 people who RSVP.

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