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Tulsa car owners have confidence in the reliability and trustworthiness of Century Motorworks.

By: Julie Dermody | Category: Automotive | Issue: August 2009

Bob Fries and Stewart Wood co-own Century Motorworks, where they restore vintage cars and provide repairs on any make and model of vehicle.

When we take our car to a mechanic, we’re generally entrusting them with our second-most important material possession, hoping we have chosen someone who will be fully reliable. In Tulsa, car owners have confidence in the reliability and trustworthiness of Century Motorworks.

For over 25 years, Stewart Wood, co-owner of Century Motorworks, has built a reputation for being one of the most gifted mechanics in the metro area. “If there is a problem with a vehicle that no one can figure out, they call on Stewart,” said co-owner Bob Fries.

In 2008, Fries and Wood combined their passion for restoring vintage cars with their talent for fixing anything with a motor and wheels, and they expanded Century Motorworks, a company Wood started in 2001. “Our desire is to provide reasonable rates and top-notch service,” said Wood.

Consumer Reports found that drivers could save an average of $30,000 by keeping a car for 15 years instead of buying a new car every five years. This means mechanic shops will be busier than ever. General maintenance needs to be a priority if cars are expected to have longevity. “Don't let things slide – for example, oil changes are an important maintenance item that is often put off,” said Wood. The owners of Century Motorworks want to help you know your car and know what it needs to keep running at an optimal performance.

“When you bring your car in for diagnosis, we will walk you through each step that’s needed to fix your car’s problem,” said Fries. “We will never talk above your head.” Customer Scott Deierlein said that he highly recommends having your vehicle serviced or restored at Century: “Stewart is one of the top mechanics I know; he can fix and repair anything on wheels.” Century Motorworks is currently restoring Deierlein’s car, an old-school hot rod.

“We love restorations, but our bread and butter comes from repairs,” said Wood. No matter the trouble – from simple scheduled maintenance to complete overhauls – Century Motorworks can take care of any issues. “We have the newest diagnostic equipment in a 6,000-square-foot fully equipped facility complete with air conditioning and computer diagnostics. Additionally, we do alignments, front end work and brake repairs,” said Wood.

Ladies, don your blue jeans and an old tee shirt and schedule a “girls only” outing with your friends. Century Motorworks offers car care clinics for women to better understand their vehicle. You’ll never again have to walk away from a mechanic shop feeling helpless and taken advantage of. “We want to educate, not placate,” said Fries. August's car care clinic is tentatively scheduled to take place either Saturday the 15th or 22nd – call Bob or Stewart to find out more.

Finding a reliable mechanic who will give you good service at a decent price might seem like an impossible dream. But for those who choose Century Motorworks, their dreams can come true. Next time your car needs service, give them a try – they want to take care of you and make your visit to the shop one filled with good memories.

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