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Renovated & Ready

By: Eddie Stephens | Category: Other | Issue: October 2006

The Zone’s staff L-R: Beverly Capps, Daniel Gatton, Paul Gatton, Paula Garrigan, (Steve Gatton, not pictured).

A complete renovation is underway at Owasso Fitness Zone, and it makes sense in more ways than one.

Since 1998, this independently-owned club has contributed to countless health and fitness renovations for its members. Owner and Personal Trainer, Paul Gatton is now anticipating another at his spacious facility.

Doors opened in October to a thorough interior transformation. The renovated facility will feature a fresh look throughout, including new carpeting.

Relative to the Zone’s purposes, Gatton is “pumped” about the addition of Pioneer training equipment. He believes this particular equipment will enhance his clients’ workout regimens while helping with some of the functional issues that accompany strength training.

“Our philosophy has always been to help all who come into our facility. Everyone who trains here will experience an attentive approach to their fitness goals in a safe environment,” Gatton explains.

He, along with his encouraging staff, realizes that a gym can be an intimidating environment. Gatton affirms, “We work to assure your workout experience is comfortable and injury free.”

Owasso Fitness Zone provides personal training expertise with every membership. Gatton reminds, “Eighty-five to ninety percent don’t know where to start when they begin a workout routine.”

Fitness Zone staff members are always on the floor and available for assistance or counseling on training issues. One-on-one personal training is offered by appointment as well.

Gatton assures that his center’s new look and equipment will benefit members. “We’ve made some improvements, but we’ll still provide the same one-on-one approach as always,” he says.

Renewal is a theme of the fitness industry. According to Gatton, it’s also competitive.

Owasso Fitness Zone stays ahead of the competition through their client-focused approach. Everyone receives a complete overview which includes heart and weight issues or challenges.

“We want to know your health history,” Gatton reveals, “Its vitally important to your goals and safety that we know if you’ve been a heart patient, had knee replacement or gastric by-pass surgery.”

Essentially, these are personal issues, but Gatton believes this awareness offers protection from injury. It also enables his staff to help tailor a more effective workout routine for each individual.

Success stories abound throughout Gatton’s tenure with Owasso Fitness Zone. “I love hearing a member tell me they’re off their cholesterol medicine, they’ve lowered their blood pressure, or reached another weight-loss goal,” he affirms.

He admits this is what his work and the fitness center are all about. Long-term relationships established with clients are notably the result of Gatton’s compassionate and attentive approach.

“We’ve no need for membership cards here,” Gatton explains, adding, “My staff and I know people’s faces and names.”

Many of the Zone’s senior adult members are considered to be Gatton’s “adopted grandparents”. He typically receives birthday cards from them and a phone call, if they’re going to miss a workout, so he won’t be concerned.

“We take a “mom & pop” approach to the fitness business. This isn’t just a job for me,” Gatton affirms.

True to the family-oriented approach, Gatton works with his brothers. This attitude extends throughout the facility, keeping the atmosphere comfortable and non-intimidating.

Interior improvements will enlarge their capacity to provide ongoing fitness-oriented classes and features including: a stretching class three times per week with staff member, Paula Garrigan; Jazzercise classes; tanning beds and a dry infra-red sauna.

Renovation seems appropriate for the Owasso Fitness Zone. Once inside, you’ll immediately notice the differences, and with the Zone’s help, you might experience some significant differences in yourself!

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Owasso Fitness Zone

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(918) 274-9998

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