Relief for Doggone Pain

Leslie Thunell, patient of Spinal Decompression of Oklahoma, shares her experience and happiness in being able to enjoy gardening, and other activities again.

By: Lorrie Ward Jackson | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: April 2011

Leslie Thunell, a happy patient of Spinal Decompression of Oklahoma, with her dachshund, Dabney.

Leslie Thunell, a happy patient of Spinal Decompression of Oklahoma, with her dachshund, Dabney.

Back pain ranks among one of the most common complaints in the United States, costing people billions of dollars in medical costs. In fact, it currently ranks in the top five costliest health disorders. That is why when Leslie Thunell saw Spinal Decompression of Oklahoma’s ad on Intervertebral Disc Decompression (IDD) treatment for back pain, it caught her eye immediately.

“I’ve been going to chiropractors for over 40 years, since I started having back problems as a teen,” Leslie recounts. “It had gotten to the point where the treatments weren’t doing what they should.” Leslie is an avid gardener and relates that movement during her favorite pastime was becoming more and more uncomfortable, as she was experiencing increasing back pain.

Leslie called Spinal Decompression of Oklahoma, and after visiting with Dr. Dwight Korgan about IDD treatment, she decided to try it. IDD therapy is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure that uses computer technology to target specific spinal segments. The treatment relieves the pressure on the spine by recreating space for oxygen, water, and nutrients to travel unimpeded throughout the spine, and thus rehydrate spinal discs. The treatments are safer, less expensive and less painful than surgery or injections. In fact, according to Dr. Korgan, some patients have actually found the treatments to be quite relaxing. IDD therapy has been found to be effective for those suffering from a host of back issues including sciatica, bulging discs, herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, and for those who suffer from general pain in the lower back and neck.

Leslie was among this latter group and reports she could tell a difference even after her first treatment in August of 2010. “The longer I went, the better I felt, until I really didn’t have any pain at all,” Leslie recalls.  “I completed all my visits, but I really was already pain free by the time I still had three or four more visits to complete.”

Interestingly, it was another creature’s back issue that made Leslie realize just how greatly improved her own back was. Her dachshund, Dabney, had developed a major back problem, causing Leslie to have to lift and carry him frequently during his recovery. Though the pet was small, there was a time this would have caused Leslie to have immediate back pain. After the treatments, however, Leslie could carry Dabney without any problem.

Leslie says that this is not the first time Dr. Korgan has saved her from having surgery. After having had one knee already replaced by a different doctor, she began to have pain in the other. She visited Dr. Korgan, thinking she would have to have another surgery. Upon examination, however, Dr. Korgan found that her knee problem could be traced to her ligaments rather than the joints. “He explained the problem to me,” says Leslie. “He then gave me a couple of shots that took the pain away – no surgery!”

That’s why it was no surprise to Leslie that Dr. Korgan was a proponent of another safe alternative to surgery like IDD therapy, and she is grateful that she chose to give it a try. “It’s the little things like picking up a watering can or running the vacuum cleaner without experiencing that ache in my lower back,” she says with a smile, “that make me think, gosh, I’m not in pain anymore.” 

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