Relief After 30 Years of Knee Pain

Gary Raleigh suffered knee problems for many years before his successful knee replacement surgery with Dr. LaButti.

By: Joshua Danker-Dake | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: March 2013

Gary and his wife, Brenda.

Gary and his wife, Brenda.

Gary Raleigh, of Owasso, turned to Dr. Ronald LaButti after decades of problems with his right knee.  “I’ve had so many injuries to my knee,” says Gary. “The first was in 1976, and then 1985, 1987, 1988, 1990, 2000, all the way up to 2012. I had severe degenerative joint disease in my knee. I’d had knee surgery, and I’d tried injections, braces, activity restrictions, and medications, but I still had problems.”

    Gary then went to Dr. LaButti. “I knew Dr. LaButti when he was doing his medical residency, and he was an ­excellent surgeon even then,” says Gary, a nurse practitioner by trade. “When he completed his total joint fellowship and I saw how well all of his patients were doing, I just knew he was the one that could help me.”    

    In August of 2012, Gary had total knee replacement surgery with Dr. LaButti. “I had a fantastic experience with him,” Gary says. “My recovery was rough, but that was expected. I went home on a walker. After a week, I progressed to a cane, and ten days after that, I was able to get around without it. I did four weeks of physical therapy, which included time on the bicycle, walking, wall squats, and resistance band exercises, plus lots of massage.”

    Gary is now better able to enjoy his hobbies, which include hunting, fishing, and traveling. “I have a little stiffness in the mornings, but it’s absolutely nothing compared to the pain I used to have,” Gary says.

    “I would absolutely recommend Dr. LaButti – five stars,” says Gary. “His ability and desire to do an excellent job are beyond anything I have ever seen. I would recommend him to ­anyone who really wants the best of the best for their surgery.”

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