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Results Medical Spa offers total body rejuvenation for clients.

By: Stephanie Reed | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: January 2013

From left, Laser Technician Natasha Korneva, Laura ­Bilbruck, M.D., and Olga Arnold of Results Medical Spa.

From left, Laser Technician Natasha Korneva, Laura ­Bilbruck, M.D., and Olga Arnold of Results Medical Spa.

Results Medical Spa is centered on the very thing the name ­suggests: results for patients. Owners Laura Bilbruck, M.D., and Olga Arnold have created an aesthetic sanctuary, focusing on personalized and result-­oriented services.    

    Results Medical Spa is a well-known leader in facial ­rejuvenation in the Tulsa area. Complete with Botox, laser hair removal, Obaji, facial enhancements, and Celebrity peels, Results prides itself on the ­ability to provide clients with services that are minimally ­invasive, painless, and effective. Unlike many other medical spas, Bilbruck and Arnold are focused on evidence-based beauty. “We abide by the mantra that tests don’t guess,” says Dr. Bilbruck. “Our goal is to sit down with a patient, determine the issues that he or she is experiencing, and resolve them with fast, reliable and reproducible results.”  

    While Results Medical Spa has firm roots and specialties in facial rejuvenation, Dr. Bilbruck and Olga have also witnessed a growing need for sexual rejuvenation in Tulsa-area women. A shocking 40 percent of women experience sexual dysfunction, which is characterized by a decrease in thoughts of and desire for sexual intimacy. “This is a very treatable condition and not one that has to be ­tolerated,” encourages Dr. Bilbruck. Results Medical Spa offers bioidentical hormone replacement therapy as well as more innovative ­procedures such as the G-Shot. Furthermore, Results’ highly qualified doctors help women control the risks associated with medical ­treatment through the use of comprehensive family ­histories, which help identify any underlying health issues that may ­negatively impact a woman’s physical and sexual health.

    In addition to family ­histories, Results also offers genetic testing. This testing establishes food intolerances that often manifest themselves in weight loss resistance, rashes, auto immune diseases and fibromyalgia. A simple blood test measures the change in white blood cells in response to foods, chemicals and other ­stimuli. The identification of intolerances enables Results to create meal and treatment plans that help patients meet weight and health goals. “Every ­individual deserves to get the very best from their skin and body,” says Olga.  

    Results also offers a Fit Profile. The Fit Profile analyzes over 75 genetic markers to reveal the best diet and exercise plans based on genetic evidence. These markers aid in establishing healthy weight, improved energy, increased performance and a healthier lifestyle. In ­understanding genetic makeup, Dr. Bilbruck and Olga are able to help patients avoid future ­problems, suggest vitamins to help in underlying conditions, and ­create meal and fitness plans that are tailored to a patient’s DNA.

    “We make every effort to make our non-surgical cosmetic treatments accessible, affordable, advanced and accredited,” says Olga. It is this spirit that keeps the team at Results highly ­qualified and dedicated to patient results and satisfaction. As you welcome the New Year and ­ponder ways to tackle self improvement, visit Results Medical Spa for long-awaited results.

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