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Reinvent Your Space

Intuitive creative designer Dana Daubenspeck imposes the artistic possibilities in your home or business space for the holidays and every day of the year.

By: Deanna Rebro | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: November 2014

Dana Daubenspeck of Dana & Associates...Reinventing.

Dana Daubenspeck of Dana & Associates...Reinventing.

“I never would have dreamed my home (business) could look this good with all my own stuff!” Dana Daubenspeck of Dana & Associates...Reinventing hears this over and over from clients who call her to reinvent their living space. “I impose the creative artistic possibilities in space. My artisans transform ordinary to extraordinary. My background is in beauty. I don’t sell materials, but take liberty with materials to create art in your home, office, yard, or event. For 27 years, I have collaborated with customers to refine areas into compositions that define them. I love undertaking any and every project that you may have to facilitate it into a mirror of your character and statement of intent.”

Dana is a unique designer in that she brings to the table the ability to listen, see and network all the treasures you have collected and the ones you may desire into your space. Although she works with clients to shop for new items, her specialty is taking what they already have and giving it a new presentation. Sometimes it’s moving things from one room to another, repainting a piece of furniture, adding in new purchases or changing a picture frame. “It’s establishing a new focal point.” Sometimes it’s redirecting focus from objectionable areas, wallpaper, wood paneling – anything that is no longer pleasing to you by calling new attention to areas for higher motivational usages.

Through her nearly 30 years of design work, Dana has found treasures in closets and attics, under beds and in storage units. Long-forgotten pieces have gotten a new lease on life. “My passion is taking what someone has and reinventing it,” she says. “I save clients a lot of money by showing them what can be done with what they have, revealing to them what they have not yet seen as a possibility.”

Going through hidden areas is like peeling back layers of time in a person’s life. What was important to someone 10 years ago may have changed significance today.Everyone’s needs change with time as they move through transitions in their lives – turning children’s bedrooms into teen retreats, downsizing empty nests, simplifying solo living or transitioning to a retirement community. She walks clients through every step of the way. Her vast network of partner artisans provides endless resources for transforming every inch of indoor or outdoor space.

Then there are the pieces that someone bought years ago, or even yesterday, because they “had to have it” but have no clue what to do with it. Dana has a vision for moving it comfortably and appealingly into your space. “Even people with impeccable taste and great ideas have difficulty moving forward with their visions from time to time.” Dana hears the intention of where you want to go, and helps you and your space represent the same page.

For example, blending households, just as she did in her own life earlier this year, gives her the welcome challenge of putting together pieces that people thought could never be put together in the same space. One client paid her the ultimate compliment: “Dana makes what seems impossible become possible beyond your expectations!”

All of her work is on an individual, personalized basis, according to the client’s needs. There are no cookie-cutter specifications. What is important to the client is important to her.
Some items deserve a special place of honor in a client’s home or business, and Dana has showcased many things over the years, from special collections and sentimental family heirlooms to war memorabilia and everything in between. According to Dana, a pleasing look is therapeutic to clients. When they see their furnishings in a different presentation, they seem to have a “reinvented” and refreshed appreciation of their environment. Everything is clean and organized, to the credit of fellow artisan, Angela Samuelson of All in the Details. They have peace of mind and are proud of their space with a revitalized view. They feel good about themselves too.

Many homeowners and realtors call Dana to present a home at its best before putting it on the market. “It has not been unusual for me to stage a house, and see it sell in less than a week,” she says. Emphasizing all the positive aspects often draws stronger offers that more than pay for the cost of staging.  

Of all the work Dana does, Christmas decorating is her favorite. She can decorate anything from one room for family gatherings to an entire house or entryway. Dana also has many commercial clients that appreciate her ability to turn their business space into a welcoming atmosphere for their customers.

For many clients who call her year after year, her magical touch brings back memories of Christmases past with your grandma’s handmade ornaments, special treats you look forward to seeing for a short while every year. For others, she helps create memories for generations to come. What you have for memories sentimentally seen each year, and what you add to the memories is Dana’s fondest service to “reinvent” into your holiday traditions.
Appointments are filling quickly for both homes and businesses. Call Dana & Associates...Reinventing now to book an appointment to decorate for Christmas, to reinvent a space or to stage a home.

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About Author Deanna Rebro

Deanna Rebro has worked in the publishing industry 30+ years, including eight years writing for Value News. She has also worked in real estate for the past six years. Deanna graduated from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio with a B.A. in Journalism. Outside of work, she serves as Vice President on the Board of Directors for Pet Adoption League. “Every story I write is a learning experience,” she said.

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