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By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: June 2007

Tracy Booth, owner of Gleam Guard Wood Refinishing, shows a cabinet door before and after refinishing.

Cabinet doors and woodwork eventually become dull in appearance. Daily use, even cooking grease and oils, is usually to blame. Sometimes scratches are revealed from repeated use. Others even begin peeling. Most homeowners are annoyed with their deteriorating woodwork until discovering Gleam Guard Wood Refinishing’s solutions to their problems.

Tracy Booth, Gleam Guard owner and operator, has been providing his services to homeowners in the Tulsa area for 19 years. You may have seen samples of Gleam Guard-treated wood cabinets on display at Woodland Hills Mall. When entering through the north entrance under the Woodland Hills sign, a display is directly to the right in the food court across from Chic-Fil-A. Come by and take a look for yourself.

The Gleam Guard system actually cleans, restores and protects kitchen or bathroom cabinets and woodwork. Wood can be refinished without sanding, which equals no dust or mess. The average kitchen takes only a day or two to complete. Refinished wood stays looking new for years and does not need to be oiled again. Cleaning and maintaining the appearance of cabinets that have been refinished by Gleam Guard is accomplished by simply wiping them down with a damp cloth or vinegar and water.

“When we apply our Gleam Guard system, it bonds to the original finish and makes the surface smooth and dry,” says Tracy. The process remarkably enhances wood grain and keeps it looking oiled and polished. Old imperfections cannot be seen. Unlike traditional oiled methods, Gleam Guard results last for years, not just days or weeks. Clients may choose from three finishes ranging from dull to high gloss.

Tracy says, “Gleam Guard offers our customers an amazing guarantee that includes a free touch-up service for five years. Very few ever need to have us back for touching up a job, but we’re ready and willing if needed.”

During the refinishing process, cabinets are rigorously cleaned and refinished with matching stain or paint. A final clear coating is put on top to protect wood for years. Tracy has previous clients who welcome phone calls about the Gleam Guard treatment that has left their cabinets looking like new for up to 18 years. Homeowners no longer have to worry about scratches on their wood or peeling from water and heat.

Maybe your woodwork does not need refinishing. However, many of Tracy’s clients have had the Gleam Guard treatment just for its simple maintenance and never having to use wood polishing oil again. Tracy says, “It’s better to change the oil in your car rather than the motor.” Gleam Guard belongs to the Remodelers Council, the Greater Tulsa Homebuilders Association and the Better Business Bureau. Tracy’s company receives an award from the BBB every year for having no complaints from his customers.

If you are considering refinishing or resurfacing cabinets or woodwork, view a demonstration and get an estimate from Gleam Guard. “We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with our results and price when compared to traditional methods of restoration,” adds Tracy.

Call Gleam Guard direct or just leave your contact information at the Gleam Guard exhibit in Woodland Hills Mall. You will then be contacted to schedule your free, in-home estimate and product demonstration. Make your woodwork look like new again. Contact Gleam Guard today at (918) 455-4211.

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