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Rebuilding Credit to Rebuild Lives

Sun Loan’s new office in Pryor helps customers no matter what their credit history.

By: Lorrie Jackson | Category: Financial Services | Issue: September 2007

Pictured are Sun Loan’s Madalyne Dixon, assistant manager, and Chris Akin, manager.

The city of Pryor recently welcomed a new member into its business community. Sun Loan Pryor celebrated its grand opening with several festivities on August 31, including giveaways every 30 minutes. “We gave away an all-expenses-paid trip for two to Branson, Missouri, and several prizes donated by local merchants,” says Chris Akin, manager of Sun Loan’s Pryor location. “We plan on continuing the festivities past our grand opening by doing different drawings every month.”

“We’d like to thank everyone who participated in our event,” Akin says. “We appreciate them all, as well as this lovely community.” The company’s appreciation is evident; it is already becoming involved in the community by volunteering for such programs as Rocklahoma and the Red Cross Blood drive, which is also sponsored by Sun Loan Corporation.

Sun Loan Pryor is a part of the Sun Loan Company, which has operated out of San Antonio, Texas, for over 10 years. With over 200 offices in nine states, the company’s main concentration is providing signature loans in amounts ranging from $126 to $1200. Customers are only required to make small, monthly repayment installments with approved credit.

Akin points out that taking out signature loans is a great way to build credit. A college student with no credit history may need to borrow money for tuition, books or spending money. By borrowing the needed money from Sun Loan and then making timely payments, the student can build up a positive credit history that will help him or her in the future.

Taking out a signature loan is also a great way to rebuild a damaged credit history. According to Akin, there are many situations that can take a toll on a person’s credit history such as divorce, illness or loss of employment. She points out that people with bad credit are often afraid to approach companies for loans. “People feel that if their credit is already damaged, no one will help them,” Akin says. “But my company’s philosophy is that everyone is worth $100, and everyone’s credit deserves a second chance.”

However, even with Sun Loan’s help, rebuilding credit is not an easy task. Akin encourages people to start as quickly as possible. “It doesn’t take long to get credit in the beginning, but it takes time to rebuild credit,” she says. “The sooner you get started, the better. We encourage proper pay habits at Sun Loan and try to educate our customers on the importance of good credit. We also report to all three credit bureaus, which gets positive data going back onto the client’s credit report and proves the client’s stability.”

Sun Loan can help people with credit that is already established and in good standing. “Credit starter loans and credit rebuilding loans are a large part of our business,” Akin says. “But we have loaned money for almost every reason thinkable.” In addition to loans, Sun Loan offers other services such as tax returns and electronic tax filing, which can help customers receive their tax returns in a matter of minutes or hours. Also, upon referring new customers, current customers can receive $25 in cash as a thank you from Sun Loan with their referrals’ signed, approved applications.

Akin encourages anyone who is considering taking out a signature loan to stop by and visit the new office in Pryor. The staff is accommodating, friendly and genuinely wants to help people build or maintain their credit history. For more information, contact Sun Loan at (918) 825-4259 or visit

For more information, contact

Sun Loan

919 S. Mill St., Pryor, OK
(918) 825-4259

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