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Jane Hanson specializes in helping women purchase the right home.

By: Mary Bransford | Category: In Our Communities | Issue: February 2007

Jane Hanson offers resources for women who want to purchase a new home.

Women are no longer waiting for Mr. Right to buy a house. Single women buying their own homes is the fastest growing segment of the real estate market. This trend has inspired local Realtor, Jane Hanson, to launch her free online resources tailored especially for women.

“As a divorced mother of a precious little boy myself, I feel that providing a home and stability for myself and my child is very important,” says Hanson. “I had been there, done that. I’ve experienced the pain and distress of divorce and separation, and I feel a special empathy for women in that situation now. This is why I chose to specialize in helping single women find their dream homes.”

If you are just thinking of buying your own home, you should start research straight away. Gathering as much information as possible puts you in a stronger situation when the time is right to go ahead and buy. For this reason, Hanson has an informative page on MySpace called Real Estate 4 Real Women (, and an interactive bulletin board, by the same name, where you can post questions and comments relating to real estate, which will be answered by professionals in the field.

Hanson’s website,, is a powerful resource where you will find lots of useful information like market reports and articles, as well as tools and calculators that help you estimate how much your payments might be; how much house you can afford, and all kinds of other scenarios. You can do a search for houses using your own criteria such as number of bedrooms, location, etc. Even if you are not quite ready to move yet, it’s worth taking a look at the website. “I want to be a free resource for women looking into real estate, so that when they are ready to buy their own home, they know where to turn for help,” explains Hanson.

According to a recent study by the National Association of Realtors, “... [there is a] record wave of single women buying homes -- 1.76 million in the period from July 2005 to June 2006, comprising 22 percent of the market.” That is the second largest group after couples, which account for 59 percent of all real estate transactions, with single men representing only 11 percent of buyers. Guys might be more interested in buying a chick-magnet car after they’re divorced – women, one the other hand, want a home.

Apart from the emotional and physical need many women have for a home of their own, women are often very financially savvy. Why spend rent for months or years to live in a property and then walk away with nothing, when you can buy your own home and gain equity? In only a few short years, you could be sitting on valuable equity in a house.

Hanson’s own divorce promoted her to make the career move from her 15-plus years in marketing, into real estate, which she sees as the ultimate in customer service. “Working in real estate and helping people with one of the most important decisions they will ever make, gives me an enormous amount of personal satisfaction,” she says.

Born in the north of England and educated at private school, Hanson moved to Tulsa in 1998 to continue her career in marketing. As a professional writer and communicator, her focus has always been on the consumer. Her career experience and skills, combined with an entrepreneurial spirit, led her into real estate.

Hanson is open and approachable, and will rapidly become one of your most trusted friends. She will treat you as family and not rest until she has found your dream home.

“Having a place to call your own, decorating it and organizing it so it becomes an expression of your own personality... there is absolutely nothing like it!” she says, “And I want to help other women experience this.”

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