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Cole Butler places great value on the office of sheriff and believes the citizens need someone who truly wishes to serve.

By: Julie Dermody | Category: Other | Issue: May 2008

Rogers County sheriff hopeful Cole Butler with wife Debbie, son Logan, and daughters Nikki and Delci.

Everywhere you look in Rogers County new rooftops are sprouting, and it is now one of the five highest-populated counties in the state. The rapid population growth is bringing with it new shopping centers, department stores and entertainment venues, as well as expansion to Rogers State University. The vast resources of Rogers County make it an inviting place for families to establish their homes.

Cole Butler, candidate for Rogers County sheriff, started his family in the Foyil area 23 years ago. A 26-year veteran of the Tulsa Police Department, Butler considers Rogers County the perfect place to raise a family because of the area’s comfort and safety. While he greatly enjoys his work as a Tulsa police officer, Butler decided to run for Rogers County sheriff because he wants to lead the department during this critical time, as it adjusts to the growth of the county.

“At this point in my professional life, the most comfortable choice would be for me to continue my responsibilities in Tulsa until I retire,” said Butler. “The easiest decision, however, is not always the right one. After a lot of thought, I realized that my experiences have prepared me for greater responsibility and service, and I am ready to take on both.”

Butler places great value on the office of sheriff and believes the citizens need someone who truly wishes to serve. He is prepared to lead the sheriff’s office into the future with professionalism and forward-thinking community policing.

Butler says it is a sheriff’s solemn obligation to protect his county. “Response time is important for the entire county, not just for those citizens living near the county seat. There should be no favorites in a sheriff’s eyes,” Butler said. “I am not willing to continue with the status quo in the sheriff's office.”

Butler created an acronym, SERVE, to explain his goals for the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office. SERVE is the foundation for what he wants the sheriff’s office to become. S stands for “service” – a good sheriff and his team should have an accommodating attitude. E stands for “equality” – the laws apply to every citizen; no one is exempt. R stands for “responsibility” – the sheriff’s department has a responsibility to enforce the laws, keep roads safe and minimize crime. V stands for “visibility” – the workings of the sheriff’s office must be visible to the public. E stands for “everyone” – old-timers and newcomers alike are entitled to the same protection and service.

Butler is a proponent of continuing education and asserts that it is crucial in developing a responsive and professional division. “To become a department known for its responsiveness to citizens, qualified leadership is essential; the sheriff must provide a good example to his deputies. As the sheriff goes, so goes his office.”

Supporters of Butler are excited about the opportunity to have a highly-qualified candidate running for sheriff, and they say he is the right choice because he is dedicated, smart and trustworthy. They also admire Butler’s commitment to service and fairness, as well as his level of compassion for citizens.

Butler believes that this election for Rogers County sheriff is of great significance, because the winner will be responsible for guiding the office during the county’s growth. “This demands a strong leader,” he said, “And I am the right person for the job.”

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