RCB Bank Names New CEO and President

RCB Bank had its beginnings way back in January of 1936.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Financial Services | Issue: February 2010

Jerry Hastings, long-time RCB Bank customer and friend, visits with ­recently-elected CEO and president of RCB Bank, Roger Mosier.

Jerry Hastings, long-time RCB Bank customer and friend, visits with ­recently-elected CEO and president of RCB Bank, Roger Mosier.

RCB Bank had its beginnings way back in January of 1936. It all began in Claremore, and the bank was first known as Rogers County Bank. That first location was eventually relocated to Patti Page Boulevard and is now known as the RCB Support Branch.

Entrepreneurs L.S. Robson and George Davis had been watching banks “go under” on a daily basis during the Great Depression and, although the times were lean at best, they opened their bank and vowed to work hard to make it become a strong and reliable financial institution to serve customers within their community. From day one, the institution began registering growth.

By the end of their first fiscal year, the company had more than a thousand depositors with assets totaling nearly $360,000. The first year actually showed a profit of $776. The official motto of Rogers County Bank and the men that started it became, “This bank is growing every day! Are you growing with us?”

With continued expansion of their customer base, it quickly became apparent that the community had taken this motto to heart and was, indeed, growing with the bank. The now familiar “That’s my bank!” was officially adopted as the bank’s slogan in the 70s, and in late 1990, the bank’s name was changed to RCB. With the acquisition of the Pryor Branch in 1990, RCB began expansion outside Rogers County into surrounding areas.

In succeeding years, RCB now has 20 bank locations that have been acquired or built. All of the bank’s locations are in Oklahoma, with the exception of a loan office in Wichita, Kansas, the forerunner for growth outside our state. Bank management has wisely selected fast-growing communities within which to expand RCB’s banking operations. The most recent expansion is a first for the bank – an in-store retail branch located at the Claremore Wal-Mart Supercenter on South Lynn Riggs Boulevard.

RCB has never let up on the concept of providing superior service to its patrons. It was the first bank in our state to offer online banking services, remote deposit capture, and full-service automated banking. RCB’s list of accomplishments throughout the past 74 years and its delivery of exemplary service to their valued customers have resulted in RCB producing a profit every year since inception in 1936. It is no wonder that customers remain loyal to “their bank.” RCB proudly maintains a workforce of over 400 employees, posts assets of well over $1 billion, and is ranked as one of the top ten banks in Oklahoma.

On January 1, 2010, Chairman of the Board Joe Robson and the RCB Bank board of directors elected Roger L. Mosier as chief executive officer and president of RCB Bank. Mosier has lived in Claremore since the sixth grade and has been with RCB Bank for 17 years. He will be responsible for leading the bank’s 20 locations into the future. Mosier is quick to credit previous RCB leadership with establishing the strong financial foundation upon which the bank sits today. RCB was recently given a five-star rating by Bankrate.com, based on the bank’s soundness and security.  

Mosier has been in banking for 25 years and is a graduate of Oklahoma State University and the Graduate School of Banking at LSU. “I am honored to have the opportunity to lead this company and to serve our Oklahoma communities,” said Mosier. He and his wife, Vicki, and their three children reside in Claremore.

RCB Bank and its employees play an active role in the community, as well as support national programs. Employees donate their time to numerous charitable programs, committees and events including local festivals, school functions, American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, United Way, and Junior Achievement’s America’s Promise, Alliance for Youth. RCB – is it your bank?

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