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PMC Homes is synonymous with the Energy Star® label.

By: Eddie Stephens | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: May 2007

Builder Steve Harris has two decades of leadership with PMC Homes.

For 20 years, PMC Homes has offered quality homes to its customers. Now, with new environmental guidelines, the company guarantees energy-efficient homes with the Energy Star® label.

Energy Star® is a governmental program that certifies qualifying homes that are more energy efficient than those built prior to the new environmental standards. Buyers of PMC Homes, as well as other homes with Energy Star® certification, can count on lower maintenance costs for their home investments while helping the environment.

Shawn Linfoot, marketing director, affirms the PMC commitment to build according to environmental guidelines. “As of November 2006, each PMC home that is built will meet and exceed Energy Star® compliance,” Linfoot says. He believes in assuring customers that his company not only builds quality homes, but the builders go beyond standard requirements. The Energy Star® label confirms their dedication while providing customers peace of mind, knowing that they are doing their part to improve the environment.

The Energy Star® trademark is earned through verification by the Environmental Protection Agency and its guidelines for energy efficiency. Passing the EPA’s stringent standards means the certified product will contribute less air pollution while using less energy.

Consistent with the EPA’s guidelines, PMC Homes also complies with a second essential element. Through a third-party contract with Guaranteed Watt-Saver, two efficiency tests are conducted in household zones where energy loss is common. The “blower-door” test is administered by sealing doorways with a fan that is used to create a vacuum seal. Air leakage around door openings is then determined. An additional test, the “duct-blast” forces air through ducts to determine if there are energy-wasting leaks at duct joints.

According to Linfoot, third-party tests are an extra measure of buyer assurance. Energy Star® homes give their buyers long-term savings and contribute to lifestyle benefits by saving energy.

When purchasing a PMC Energy Star® home, customers are guaranteed:

Efficient heating and cooling equipment
This allows for lower energy usage and quiet performance. Energy-efficient units are more durable and cost less to maintain.

Central air conditioners with the Energy Star® label have higher Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios. Higher SEER numbers mean greater energy efficiency. PMC Homes’ air conditioning units have SEER ratings of 13, the governmental requirement for energy-efficient homes.

Heating equipment in PMC’s Energy Star® homes is also environmentally-friendly, having 92 percent efficiency furnaces and energy-efficient hot water tanks. Homeowners enjoy seasonal comfort while saving on energy costs.

Windows with superior quality
PMC Homes uses two-pane, low-energy coated glass windows. The addition of argon gas between the panes provides a tighter seal, while the low-e coating blocks damaging ultra-violet rays that can discolor carpet and furnishings.

Climate-challenging insulation
PMC Homes installs insulation from the foundation perimeter and throughout the rest of the home. Properly-installed insulation protects Energy Star® homes from energy loss and ensures even temperatures as the seasons change.

Tightly-sealed duct work
PMC’s Energy Star® homes have sealed duct systems to help reduce drafts, moisture, dust, pollen and noise.

Overall, homes with the Energy Star® label are more efficient than standard homes. Energy efficiency not only benefits the environment but saves homeowners money. When applying for a loan on an Energy Star® home, savings are accrued. Ask your lender about an energy-efficient mortgage.

PMC Homes is prepared for the future as it celebrates 20 years in Tulsa. The company offers its customers the best by building environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient homes with the Energy Star® label.

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