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Quick Change Artist

It started with a spill on Michelle Romero’s favorite bag.

By: Deanna Rebro | Category: Retail | Issue: May 2009

It started with a spill on Michelle Romero’s favorite bag. While the Salt Lake City resident lamented her ruined purse, a what-if moment struck her. What if you could change the outside of a bag, without removing all the contents? With super glue and scrap fabric, she drew upon the idea using her passion for creative challenges and interior design and dissected her purse. The result? The first prototype of what would become the Miche bag.

Michelle showed the purse to her close friend and accessories buyer, Annette Cavaness. Months and months of business connections and design revisions followed.

Fast forward four years, and the Miche bag can be seen on television nearly every day. And now it’s here – to see and to touch for yourself. Area representative Lenora Davis says she can’t believe the incredible response to the Miche. “Any time ladies see it, they want it,” she says.

The bag got its quirky name from Michelle Romero’s nickname from her mother-in-law. To complete the play on her name, the changeable outside covers became known as shells.  

Miche area representative Lenora Davis offers the best prices on the bag and 42 interchangeable shells.

It’s easy to see that this purse was designed by a woman, for a woman. It’s made from a puncture and tear-resistant material that looks like leather but doesn’t carry the hefty price tag. The base purse comes in black or brown. The structured interior has two elastic compartments, a zipper compartment and plenty of room for everything.

Not only is the Miche bag practical, it’s fun. In just three seconds you can change the look totally from casual to sophisticated or anything in between. Change your clothes, change your mood, change your shell! Styles available include solids, prints, stripes, polka dots, cloth, fur, patent leathers, one with an outside pocket, and even one with photo frames. There are 42 outside shells to choose from.

Eight hidden earth magnets hold the shells tightly in place, while at the same time protecting magnetic strips on credit cards and electronics. Four brass feet protect the bottom from dirt and germs. When not in use, the shells fold flat for storage or travel. Spill something on the shell? No problem – just wipe clean with a warm, damp cloth.

“Any outfit you can put together, I can find you a Miche shell that will complete the look,” says Lenora. This can easily be done without having to change the contents of your purse, without taking up space in your closet, and without breaking the bank.

Lenora explains that buying the Miche from an area representative means getting the best possible price initially, plus incentives for further discounts and bonuses.

Perhaps the best advantage is having all the shells available, right in front of you. “Ladies love to play with them,” says Lenora. “They see the shells, feel the textures, start snapping them on and off, and ‘Wow!’ They’ve revealed their purse-nality.”

After buying a Miche, customers soon return to buy extra shells with a friend or coworker who just has to have one, too. Lenora would love to show the Miche bag to anyone who wants to see it – one person at a time or in a group showing. Call Lenora Davis at (918) 812-4998.

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About Author Deanna Rebro

Deanna Rebro has worked in the publishing industry 30+ years, including eight years writing for Value News. She has also worked in real estate for the past six years. Deanna graduated from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio with a B.A. in Journalism. Outside of work, she serves as Vice President on the Board of Directors for Pet Adoption League. “Every story I write is a learning experience,” she said.

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