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Dr. LaButti has allowed Richard Beattie to return to his former active lifestyle.

By: Sara Dale | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: October 2007

Dr. LaButti recently gave a lecture on aging and arthritic knees at the Tulsa County Medical Society.

Richard Beattie thinks the world of orthopedic surgeon Ronald S. LaButti, D.O., and he wants the world to know it. “It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say Dr. LaButti changed my world,” Beattie says of the Central States Orthopedic Specialists’ surgeon. “From our first meeting, I immediately liked Dr. LaButti’s straightforward, honest approach. He never pulled any punches and always took as much time as necessary to ensure I knew exactly what to expect. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated that.”

When he first met Dr. LaButti in December 2005, Beattie was unable to walk due to an unsuccessful hip replacement surgery. “Richard’s prior surgery, coupled with the fact that he is diabetic, resulted in a cracked right femur,” Dr. LaButti says. “The situation was more complicated than most, but I was committed to restoring his mobility and former lifestyle.”

In May 2006, several months later, Dr. LaButti performed surgery on Beattie. “First of all, it was necessary to cut Richard’s femur bone, as well as remove the loose hip replacement components from the prior surgery,” Dr. LaButti says. “Next, I inserted a new hip replacement component and secured the bone with cables to encourage it to heal.”

Despite Dr. LaButti’s best efforts and solid plan of attack, Beattie’s femur did not heal. “We had Richard’s diabetes working against us. The disease is often attributed to delayed fracture healing,” Dr. LaButti says. It was apparent that another surgery would be necessary.

In January 2007, Dr. LaButti operated on Beattie again. This time, Dr. LaButti performed a bone graft, a surgery to place new bone into spaces around a broken bone, on Beattie’s femur. The cables were also replaced.

Beattie’s most recent checkup this past summer revealed nothing but good news. “The bone has healed nicely, and Richard is pain-free,” says Dr. LaButti. “We couldn’t be more pleased with the results.” As for Beattie, he has never felt better!

Not much can bring Richard Beattie down to earth these days. “For years, intense pain was part of my daily life,” he says. “Today, both of my feet are level and straight, and I feel great! In fact, I just finished mowing the lawn and am getting ready to go out and walk a mile. There’s a lot out there to do and see, and I plan on making up for lost time.”

“I’m very grateful to Dr. LaButti,” Beattie continues. “If there’s a way to improve a patient’s quality of life, he will find it. I’ll never forget Dr. LaButti; he is the one who put me back on top of the world again.”

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