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By: Macy Goodnight | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: May 2019

The Yoder family, Ed and Leanna and kids.

The Yoder family, Ed and Leanna and kids.

Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain, wreaking havoc on home exteriors in its wake.

ABC Seamless specializes in remodeling exteriors and protecting homes with the strongest materials available on the market. They have been providing the best quality in steel siding, roofing and guttering since 2014. Ed and Leanna Yoder believe in what they do, and the products they sell. “That’s the main reason Ed purchased the franchise,” said Leanna. The steel used in their products has been tested to withstand 160mph winds. “You get what you pay for,” Leanna said. “Our steel products are guaranteed for the lifetime of your home, with a written warranty.”

Ed owned his construction company for over 10 years before he decided to join the ABC famliy of franchises. Leanna is the kind voice on the line when customers call for a quote appointment, and she also manages the business side of ABC. Together, they are thankful for working together to build a successful business they can be proud of.

At the heart of their passion are their loyal customers and the new clients that come mostly by word-of-mouth. “The best part about our work is seeing the finished product and the look of satisfaction on the customer’s face,” said Ed. “The product speaks for itself, but it’s the customers that we maintain friendships with that mean so much.”

Dwight and Lisa Helm’s home.

Dwight and Lisa Helm’s home.

Their customers believe in them too and are eager to share their experience with ABC.

“To say we are satisfied is an understatement,” said Lisa Helm. “They work so well together, like no other couple could work together. They’re just a pleasure to work with.” ABC completely remodeled the exterior of their 5500 square foot home near Big Cabin. “We are on top of a hill, so the wind blows constantly,” Lisa said. “We’ve had this house sided four times, and for the last time with ABC.” In addition to siding, the Helms had their entire roof replaced, as well as add-ons in their garage, and an enclosed back porch. The Helms were surprised to find that the insulation factor involved with steel roofing and siding is remarkably quiet. “I am super proud of them,” Lisa said. “I trust them and am thankful for a beautiful job. You’re not going to find anyone more honest and prouder of their work than Ed and Leanna.”

A severe storm had caused significant damage to the home of Jeff and Randy Lewis near Fort Gibson Lake. After the storm had passed, the Lewis family found their roof needed replacing, and covers of their porch and Jacuzzi pad were in shambles. ABC replaced their roof with steel slate-look tiles and worked to reconstruct their porch and Jacuzzi cover. “This is the second roof we’ve had to replace because we live by the lake,” said Randy. “The wind is always so bad here.” Randy is so proud of the roof ABC built for her. “People stop and look at it as they drive by because it’s so beautiful,” she said. “I even stop at the end of my drive when I get home to admire it.” The Lewis family was especially pleased with the new patio ABC built for them. “I told them I wanted something different and unique, and now my patio is to die for,” said Randy. Jeff and Randy know they will enjoy the exterior of their home for the life of their home. The greatest impact of their experience was the customer service they received. “Their quality and workmanship are unsurpassed,” said Randy. “They obviously take so much pride in their work.”

For more information, or to get a quote on your home or business exterior, visit their website at, or call Leanna at (918) 695-1097.

Roger and Renita Moore's home, Moore Farms.

Roger and Renita Moore's home, Moore Farms.

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