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Customers call him when they have a problem – sometimes a big problem – with their bathroom grout.

By: Deanna Rebro | Category: Other | Issue: September 2010

Call Kent Kantor to learn more about the Pro Care Option at Grout Care.

Call Kent Kantor to learn more about the Pro Care Option at Grout Care.

After 13 years in business, Kent Kantor of Grout Care of Tulsa discovered what most people aren’t doing, but should be doing, to get the most value for their money.

    Customers call him when they have a problem – sometimes a big problem – with their bathroom grout. Time and moisture have made the grout in many an otherwise beautiful bath look like something from a 1950s motel. “I can still repair it for much less than a tile company would charge to rip it all out and start over,” Kent explains. “But the point is, this whole scenario can be avoided with just a little bit of care upfront.”

    Kent’s solution is the Pro Care Option, a grout maintenance program for bathrooms. Under this plan, Grout Care of Tulsa provides two visits a year to inspect, clean and take care of minor grout repairs in two baths in a home.

    The first step is to look for worn, loose or missing grout on bathroom floors and showers or tubs. It may seem obvious, but at that point, damage may already have been done. Time and moisture are grout’s two biggest enemies. Over time, an accumulation of water, dirt and debris can not only damage the grout, but also the structure behind it. Only a trained eye can spot this danger when it is still lurking.

    Next, the grout will be professionally cleaned and any mold or mildew removed. Good grout cleaning is no easy task. Most grout surfaces have not been sealed properly. Using the wrong products and methods over the years creates a sponge effect to the grout that can result in permanent staining. Bristle brushes and multi-purpose cleaners just can’t touch that dingy-looking grout. It takes a pro to do it right.

    With the Pro Care Option, any minor repairs will be taken care of so that each shower or tub will look almost new and be watertight. The cost of the Pro Care Option is reasonable, so that anyone who has had major repair work done will instantly recognize the value.  

    Grout Care of Tulsa also provides one-time service to clean grout, seal grout, re-grout tubs and showers, and colorize grout in countertops, backsplashes and floors. Colorizing has been popular among homeowners who plan to sell and need an updated look. The service is also popular with people on tight budgets; just changing the color of grout can give floors a makeover without ripping out a single tile.

    Kent is pleased to look at any tiled area and provide a free consultation. Most consultations take about 15 minutes. Saving customers money, work and worry are part of his service. Call (918) 748-3030 any time to discuss the Pro Care Option, a single visit or a grout problem. 

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