Preventive Maintenance Saves Money

Jack Kissee Ford’s Service Department encourages good auto maintenance habits.

By: Value News | Category: Consumer News | Issue: September 2006

The Jack Kissee Ford Service Department team stands ready to serve. L-R: Mike Flippin, Darlene Reynolds, Gary Wise Service Manager, Phillip Kara

Aggressive driving habits can lead to countless dangerous and costly outcomes. On the other hand there’s a pay-off to showing aggression as relates to how you drive.

Gary Wise, Service Manager at Jack Kissee Ford in Claremore encourages automobile owners to be somewhat aggressive these days with how you approach your vehicle’s maintenance. “With consistently higher fuel costs, I recommend that our customers take initiative, being proactive with our service technicians,” Wise recommends.

Currently on the minds of most is how they can maximize their vehicle’s fuel efficiency. According to Wise there are actually some maintenance habits that factor into how well your automobile consistently maintains fuel consumption.

Jack Kissee Ford’s Service Department is diligent to encourage proper maintenance but especially during certain seasons when fuel costs increase. Wise says, “Many stay on top of their regular maintenance schedule but few realize how much those steps matter as it relates to how well your automobile handles gas mileage.”

Wise offers some significant tips for keeping your vehicle running effectively and efficiently. “I remind our customers to begin checking their tire’s air pressure; keeping them adequately inflated according to the automobile manufacturers specifications,” Wise confirms.

He reminds, “Most drivers follow the pressure reading that’s printed on their vehicle’s tires. What should be followed as relates to proper inflation, driving safety and fuel efficiency are the pressure recommendations that appear on the label affixed to the inside edge of the driver’s door.”

Another maintenance habit certain to keep your automobile running effectively and efficiently is your automobile’s air filter. Wise affirms, “The air filter is more critical than many realize; its effectiveness is not limited to driving in dusty conditions but should be a concern of driving in urban conditions where air quality is questionable.”

Wise also reminds that mileage and length of idle times can have an effect on the efficient quality of the air filter. “Our service department includes an air filter inspection with every oil change,” he says.

Unquestionably keeping your automobile’s engine tuned-up gains mileage and fuel economy. “Vehicles run more efficiently these days,” Wise says and adding, “for example spark plugs last longer; some running as long as 100,000 miles before changing them is necessary.”

The tune-up gamut also includes fuel system maintenance and the all-important fuel filter check. “A clogged fuel filter can cause excessive wear on the fuel pump; that means it has to work harder, leading to a loss of fuel efficiency,” Wise warns.

The Service Department of Jack Kissee Ford includes each maintenance step previously mentioned in addition to others. According to Service Manager, Gary Wise, they have a check-list routinely followed; offering their customers an ongoing “report card” for their vehicle’s maintenance progress.

“Driving habits have much to do with overall automobile fuel efficiency,” Wise says including, “We spend increasing amounts of time in our vehicles, so we should remember the routine, even small things we can do to keep them running well and cost effectively.”

Jack Kissee Ford has a reputation for effective auto care since arriving in Claremore in 1958. Wise has been part of the service team as Manager for five years, partnering with two service advisors and ten technicians who are fully Ford certified or in the process of becoming so.

Gary Wise and staff at Jack Kissee Ford in Claremore are aggressive about providing effective service for your automobile. They encourage you to be equally aggressive not in how you drive but how you maintain your vehicle – it really does pay to do so.

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