Prepare Now for Summer Fun

Off season is a great time to build a pool and get your backyard ready for summer fun in the sun.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Professional Services | Issue: December 2012

Josh Kingsley, co-owner of Pools Plus, along with his brother, Jay, and father, Danny.

Josh Kingsley, co-owner of Pools Plus, along with his brother, Jay, and father, Danny.

Pools Plus is family owned and operated by Josh Kingsley, his brother, Jay Kingsley, and their father, Danny Kingsley. The company builds swimming pools and outdoor living amenities such as kitchens, fireplaces, decking and patios. They also sell a variety of pool accessories and outdoor items that make being outdoors an A-plus experience. “We also provide services to help homeowners open, close and maintain their pools,” Josh said.

    Now is a great time to start planning and constructing your pool so that it will be finished prior to the time you’re ready to swim next summer. If you and your family have given thought to putting in an in-ground pool, contact Pools Plus and set up a meeting to discuss your vision and get an idea of what happens during the construction process. You can tell a Pools Plus ­representative exactly what you are envisioning. They will then determine if your concept will physically fit into the area on which you want to build your pool. You will discuss the process required and what it will cost to make your pool a reality. A 3-D design of your pool will be provided to make sure you and Pools Plus are on the same page.  

    If you’re building a new home and working with an ­architect, Pools Plus is always willing to work with you and your architect to provide features and benefits you are looking for in your pool’s design and ­function. A meeting will be scheduled with you at the Pools Plus store to discuss the ­proposed pool design. You will have the opportunity to suggest modifications or changes to the design prior to final approvals. You can also see tile options, plaster colors, and discuss all the details you want to see in the final product. A Pools Plus assistant will help by suggesting colors, fabrics, and styles of umbrellas, tables, chairs, and lounges that will complement your new pool and add to your outdoor experience. Pools Plus also carries a variety of pool equipment and fun games to make family pool time even more enjoyable.

    Pools Plus will obtain ­necessary permits prior to ­starting construction. This ­usually takes about two weeks. An on-site layout will be ­completed for customer approval. Forms will be set and the pool will be dug and reinforced with rebar, plumbing will be laid, and the pool will be sprayed and tiled. The entire process takes about eight weeks from beginning to completion.

    Decking options include stamping, cool deck, acid stained concrete, or flagstone. Other options available from Pools Plus include diving boards, slides, and custom water features including waterfalls.  

    “It’s important for people to know that we do more of the construction process ‘in house’ than any other pool contractor in the area,” said Josh. “We dig the pools and do the plumbing and tiling ourselves.” Pools Plus uses respected area ­subcontractors for what little part they do not do. “You’ll find my brother, my dad, or me on site throughout the entire construction process,” Josh said.  

    Check out Pools Plus on Facebook or visit their store, located by Bodean Restaurant & Market on 51st Street just east of Harvard.

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