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Winter is coming, and right now, before it gets too cold, it’s the perfect time to make sure both your furnace and home are ready.

By: Joshua Danker-Dake | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: October 2008

The Air Solutions team (L to R): Kieth Hilligoss, Cathy Burdge, Shanan McIntosh, Linda Morgan and Paul Babb.

Winter is coming, and right now, before it gets too cold, it’s the perfect time to make sure both your furnace and home are ready. Air Solutions can help now and year-round: they provide a wide variety of services, including heating, air, geothermal and radiant heating, and residential and business generators.

“Our service department is the fastest in Tulsa,” says Kieth Hilligoss, president and owner of Air Solutions. “We offer same-day service most of the time. Our factory technicians are nationally certified. We have weekly training, and they’re trained on multiple brands. They’re in high demand. We sell Trane, Carrier and Lennox, and we know all the brands as well as anyone in Green Country. We have very low turnover, so you get to know your technician, and your technician gets to know your home, your air conditioner and your furnace. We’re fully licensed and insured to cover anything. Our vans are fully stocked, so our technicians rarely have to go pick up parts, which saves you money on labor. And last year we were the only Oklahoma contractor to win the prestigious Carrier President’s Award.”

Air Solutions emphasizes worry-free preventative maintenance. “If you join our Comfort Club, we come out in the spring and the fall to make sure your air conditioner and furnace are in good shape,” says Hilligoss. “You don’t have to remember – we’ll call you to schedule a visit. We do a twenty-one point inspection and cleaning. We prevent our customers from experiencing failures, because we catch problems in advance, in a non-emergency situation. So our customers don’t break down in the wintertime. And our Comfort Club has a guaranteed return – it pays for itself with the money you’ll save on energy costs after our air conditioning and furnace tune-ups.”

If you need a new furnace, Air Solutions has them, up to 96 percent efficiency. “Natural gas prices are going to go way up this winter,” says Hilligoss. “We all know that. An efficient furnace helps you get the most for your money.” Air Solutions also has variable speed models. “The slower the air moves, the more heat you can add to it,” says Hilligoss. “A variable speed furnace runs at low fire most of the time, and automatically adjusts to high fire only when it’s very cold. That saves you money.”

Kieth Hilligoss, owner and president of Air Solutions, will help you prepare your home and furnace for the cold winter months.

This winter, Air Solutions can also set you up with a steam-powered humidifier. “A humidifier adds moisture to the air, which will make your house feel warmer at a lower temperature setting, because air holds more heat when it has more moisture in it,” says Hilligoss. “In the winter, a house without a humidifier is actually drier than the Sahara Desert.” Air Solutions also offers thermostats that can regulate your house’s humidity based on the outside temperature, and can even keep your windows from fogging up.

Fire Prevention Week is October 5 through 11, and it’s a great time to perform the routine maintenance that can keep your home safe. “Be sure to check your smoke alarms,” says Hilligoss. “Change the batteries whether they’re beeping or not. Test your carbon monoxide detector. And have your heater looked at by a qualified technician to make sure there’s no gas leak or other fire threat.”

Hilligoss also warns of potential danger on your roof. “Your flue dumps heat right on the roof. Now, after last year’s ice storm, a lot of people are having their roofs repaired, and some roofers have put the new roof right over the top of the flue vents. It’s become a real problem. So if you’re having your roof done, be sure to have it done by real professionals.”

“We know we’re the best air service company in Oklahoma,” says Hilligoss. “We do it right, we make it right, we have great technicians and a great office staff that cares about our customers.”

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