Precision Optical Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Owner George Dakil is proud to celebrate two decades in business in 2014.

By: Christopher Davis | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: April 2014

Optician George Dakil adjusts glasses for longtime customer J.R Asher, owner of Asher’s Commercial Refrigeration.

Optician George Dakil adjusts glasses for longtime customer J.R Asher, owner of Asher’s Commercial Refrigeration.

George Dakil has been an ABO Certified Optician since 1987. This year, he ­celebrates his 20 year ­anniversary as owner of Precision Optical. Located in Broken Arrow at 520 S. Elm Pl. across from O’Reilly Auto Parts, Precision Optical offers the best in eyewear and hands-on, personal service. Dakil’s customers get ­remarkable vision care and great deals, as well as training and education on proper fit, maintenance and the ­technology related to their eyewear selections.
    Dakil is passionate about eyewear and strives to ­educate his customers so they get the most from their ­glasses. He is direct, ­thorough and has a tendency to speak quickly. His ­personality has an air of friendship and familiarity, until he blows your mind with a highly condensed mini-lecture that perfectly articulates an aspect of vision technology you had taken for granted. Like a good teacher, he readily explains in depth the pros and cons of ­polarized versus transition lenses, as well as the nuances of different tints from ­various makers. Within ­minutes, Dakil runs through a list of questions about ­driving and reading habits and work ­environment, ­filling the gaps in ­conversation with a primer on the history of eyewear technology and pertinent details of several options he recommends.
    The fact that many vision centers make little effort to educate customers is largely to blame for eyewear ­problems. “I want to help people get the most mileage out of their eyewear dollars,” he says. “Having somebody ready to maintain your ­eyewear and take care of it is so important.” Dakil’s ­friendly, no-nonsense approach helps him explain proper care to customers, something many vision ­centers with small armies of techs in colorful scrubs ­seldom make a priority. At Precision Optical, customers can count on not only the perfect prescription lens, but that their glasses will fit ­better and last longer, too.
    “The amount of filth and dirt that build up, causing all kinds of hygienic problems and the scratching that ­people complain about is mostly due to poor cleaning methods,” he says. The truth is, many people either do not clean their glasses properly or not often enough. “We’ll show them how to do that,” he adds.
    Dakil is also passionate about ensuring that frames fit properly and are ­protected. “Some folks are sitting on them and stepping on them,” he continues. “They need to get a good fit, which would allow them to leave the glasses on their face and head – where they are the absolute safest.” It is important to take factors like weight, size and material into consideration, as well as style. But, as he is quick to point out, over time, frames can loosen at the joints and side pieces. Routine maintenance involves much more than ­simply wiping the lenses on a T-shirt every other day.
    Besides providing the best maintenance and education resources for customers, Precision Optical also offers frames of all types to fit every budget. The store carries a wide selection from designer brands such as Wiley X, Maui Jim, Vera Bradley and Ralph Lauren. Customers looking for the perfect fit can receive a 10 percent discount on customized packages for most designer frames. This makes it more affordable to combine the proper lenses, prescription and frames to suit anyone’s needs. There is also a “Budget Board,” ­showcasing frames at special, reduced prices. 

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