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Brookside Nutrition offers information and coaching for weight loss.

By: Erica Ludwig | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: July 2016

Lose Weight Now: Ask Them How! Brookside Nutrition owners Alex Rolison and Kaslin Salley are here to help you enhance your health.

Lose Weight Now: Ask Them How! Brookside Nutrition owners Alex Rolison and Kaslin Salley are here to help you enhance your health.

Summer is in full swing and vacation season is well under way. Whether you’ve got that last five pounds to lose or you just want to feel a little better before you hit the beach, it’s never too late to lose weight. Brookside Nutrition offers nutritional support for weight loss, guaranteeing you’ll look and feel your best for your much needed vacation.
Brookside Nutrition provides a fast and healthy way to lose weight through various solutions. The nutrition club located in Tulsa’s popular Brookside area has a smoothie and juice bar for those just looking for a healthy pick-me-up, as well as supplements and programs that have guaranteed results of total nutrition, weight loss, muscle gain and more energy.
“We want to promote a fun, healthy active lifestyle,” said Owner Kaslin Salley. “We do that by wellness coaching and community and all of the things included with that.”
Upbeat, positive music and an enthusiastic staff from the moment you enter the nutrition club will greet you. Salley and co-owner Alex Rolison are among the fresh faces you’ll see looking to serve you with a shake and a smile. The smoothie and juice bar offers a wide variety of flavors so just about anything you name, they can create. From Fruity Pebbles to Mint Chocolate Chip to Strawberry Banana, there is something for everyone. The staff is genuinely enthusiastic because the products of Brookside Nutrition have changed their lives, they’re passionate about making you feel loved and accepted for where you are right now.
 “You’re not just getting products, you’re getting a heartbeat that comes with the products,” said Rolison. “Because anybody can buy some protein or a fat burner, but they aren’t going to get somebody that’s going to tell them how to use it properly and follow up with them and keep them accountable. You really do get a coach that’s going to push you towards your goals. They’re going to ask you not only how much do you want to lose but why you want to lose it.”
Brookside Nutrition’s products cater to the customer. Each shake and tea does something different because every person’s body is different. The weight management shakes are packed with tons of nutrients without all the calories and sugar. The teas give you energy and actually burn about 100 calories per serving.
“It’s like cardio in a cup,” said Salley. “We provide the balance for your body. We provide the optimum nutrition for your body. The shake will provide that nutrition whether you need to lose weight or gain weight.”
This nutrition club has only been in Brookside for a few months, but it’s made a lasting impression. Rolison and Salley admit they serve around 100 people each day. Their goal is to help people see that total nutrition is possible without all the stress and guesswork.
“Try it before you buy it,” said Rolison. “You can come in and try it without having to buy a bunch of products. We’re just relatable, friendly people but you also get a coach with it. It’s definitely a judgment free-zone. You can come in and we’ll love you no matter what.”
Come live a fun, healthy and active lifestyle at Brookside Nutrition. They’re open Monday-Friday 7 -5 and Saturday 10-3.

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