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Mustard Seed Christian Preschool has been developing young minds and hearts for over 36 years.

By: Tallery Raglin | Category: Education | Issue: June 2015

For over 36 years, the mission of Mustard Seed Christian Preschool, a ministry of First Presbyterian Church of Claremore has been to provide a loving and secure environment where children can develop socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually in a Bible-based program performed by a dedicated professional staff.  It is our mission to support children’s desire to be life-long learners.  We strive to provide a learning environment that supports children to develop the strengths and skills necessary for them to construct their own knowledge and prepare them for their next school environment.

Mustard Seed now offers programs for infants thru 5 year olds.  The great thing about our program besides the educational and spiritual aspect is our small class sizes, allowing our teachers to work diligently one on one with each student at their level.

Our infant program is new this year, and we have completely redone the nursery and ordered new curriculum and materials.  It is educationally based starting at 6 months old.  We begin to expose our infants to Bible lessons thru reading, and art.  We also engage at age appropriate levels of science experiments, literacy as well as sign language.  We are so excited to now offer this program and plant the seed of faith even earlier.

Our PreK2 program started in 2014 has been a huge success.  To watch the progress and be able to assess the students to prepare for our PreK3 program has been an amazing journey.  Mrs. Maslen, our PreK2 teacher stated, “I spent this year striving to make learning fun thru hands on play and manipulatives while providing a Bible based experience to expose our little ones to Jesus.”  This class spends their time learning about the Bible and doing simple crafts and art.  We spend the first semester with routine, and exposure, however the second semester the students enter in academic and play centers learning how to rotate and work independently at their levels.  Mrs. Funk, our other PreK2 teacher said, “The progress has been amazing and a true joy to watch the Lord work on their hearts.”

Our PreK3 class prepares our students for our PreK4-5 class which more than prepares them for Kindergarten.  We assess the kids at each 9 weeks formally, with informal assessments weekly.  This gives us the ability to continually adjust each students needs as far as academics are concerned.  Our PreK3 teacher Miss Madison said, “The past two years the growth in our 3 year olds and their level of preparedness for their next year has been beyond astonishing, we really focus on the needs of each child and do our best to provide what they need for their next steps.”  This class is a very structured class learning academic centers such as literacy, art, science, technology, social studies, and math.  We also provide music in class and thru STAR Speech and Therapy, physical education to develop their gross motor functions, and Master Beavens from Beavens martial arts comes along with Rebekah Jochmans our ballet teacher to offer two other additional electives.

Our PreK4-5 program is our last program the students attend before they head to their future schools.  This class taught by Mrs. Kvam, allows students to “create their learning experiences.  I apply learning thru art, and allow students to really be hands on in the classroom taking ownership of their work. I find that students learn best that way, and our assessments thus far prove this to be true.”  This is our most structured program, however whether kids are playing in dramatic play, or writing sentences with sight words, everything we do is intentional.  Miss Raglin, the director stated, “My son Dagan has attended this program for the past 3 years.  He graduates this year, and the knowledge he has gained is priceless.  It is as if he goes to church every day by his conversations and knowledge.  He has been exposed to pre-primer and primer sight word lists and is reading!  Mrs. Kvam has done an excellent job and he is MORE than ready to tackle kindergarten.”

Fall enrollment is currently ongoing.  To enroll we need the enrollment fee with tuition and current immunization records.  We have a drop box outside our front door which holds forms, as well as being able to print them off our website at, or stopping by from 8:30-2 during office hours to take a tour.  You can also visit us on Facebook at

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