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By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Retail | Issue: December 2012

J. David Jewelry is family owned and operated. Shown are owners Joel and Kendra Wiland and their son, Landon. The latest addition to the family is Max.

J. David Jewelry is family owned and operated. Shown are owners Joel and Kendra Wiland and their son, Landon. The latest addition to the family is Max.

J. David Jewelry is family owned and operated by Joel and Kendra Wiland, and their son Landon has recently joined their staff. If you’re familiar with J. David Jewelry, you know that Joel always has unusual, exciting and beautiful jewelry on display in the Broken Arrow store. You may also know that Joel is always on the cutting edge with his ­creative thinking and value-added promotions that have great appeal to those who shop J. David, especially around the holidays.

    This year, J. David Jewelry is participating in the Philbrook Festival of Trees, an event in which guests enjoy an unforgettable evening and a chance to claim the year’s hottest items ­featured at a benefit auction. The annual Festival of Trees is a Christmas event spotlighting local artists and businesses and their beautifully designed custom trees that are auctioned off to benefit the Philbrook Foundation.  

    The featured J. David Jewelry Christmas tree will ­highlight three items with a total value of $1,000,000, to be sold at auction at the event on Friday, November 16. The auction will be held from 7 to 9 p.m.

    For those who are not in the market to spend a million ­dollars, J. David is always a great place to shop for any occasion and any budget. With Christmas just around the corner, Joel promises that his store will be stocked with hundreds of items that are sure to please any ­recipient and will last a lifetime. You can always count on J. David Jewelry to have the latest in jewelry trends as well as classic traditions.  

    If you’re interested in a ­custom creation – a truly one-of-a-kind piece – J. David is the place to go. Designer Frank Tremonti is a recognized artist in his profession and utilizes a ­computer-aided cad-cam program to design personalized custom jewelry pieces. “Frank is a master of his trade,” says Joel. Once Frank completes a jewelry design on the cad-cam, it is downloaded to a 3-D printer that ­reproduces the design in a plastic material that is used in the actual ­production process. Master Jeweler Nathan Winn is also a part of J. David’s design and repair team.

    Diamonds have long been a specialty at J. David Jewelry, and Joel and Kendra take great pride in their selection and ­presentation of diamonds of many colors. Some of the rarest colors are reds and pinks, and

J. David usually has a variety on display. When asked how he always seems to have such ­beautiful and bright diamonds in his store, Joel says, “Kendra and I make two trips each year to Antwerp, Belgium. Because we are members of the Independent Jewelers Organization, we are allowed to make selections from some of the world’s best ­diamonds.”  

    As you do your Christmas shopping, remember that J. David has products to ­accommodate virtually any ­budget. The Pandora line of bracelets, necklaces and charms are ever-popular gifts. And chocolate jewelry is still a very popular selection for any ­occasion, any time of the year. You will find a variety of ­chocolate-colored jewelry ­available at J. David in diamonds, pearls and gold. Each chocolate item is not only ­unusual, but exquisitely crafted.

    Whoever you have on your shopping list, visit J. David Jewelry for truly unique gift ideas. They even have some very interesting selections for men. Joel says, “Come see us this ­holiday season and give us a chance to make your gift ­selections ones that will last a lifetime.”

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