Peace of Mind Is the Perfect Present

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift?

By: Kim Thornhill | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: December 2008

Jim Quintus, Owasso resident and inventor of the Garage Butler, recommends the GB101 and GB201 garage door closing devices this holiday season. Peace of mind makes the perfect gift for everyone on your shopping list!

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift? Since an estimated 45 percent of all burglaries occur through open garage doors, consider giving the Garage Butler, an automatic garage door closing device, this holiday season.

This gift offers protection and peace of mind for about $60 or less. The Garage Butler is available in two models. The GB101 has two time settings: 3 minutes and 30 minutes. The GB201 has six time settings: 3, 10, 20, 30, 45 and 60 minutes. An alarm will sound when the door is getting ready to close.

“The Garage Butler works in conjunction with the garage door opening system and shuts the garage door when you or a loved one forgets,” said Jim Quintus, inventor of the garage door closing device. “It comes pre-wired and is easy to install. It does not interfere with any of the safety features on your existing garage door opening system.” By working together with your existing garage door opener, you won’t have to worry about your pet or child being harmed by the closing garage door.

Both models have the dark feature, which will close the door if it has been put on hold to disable the timer. The hold feature keeps the door open for cleaning the garage or working in the yard and then closes the door automatically when the sun goes down. The photocell on the unit senses when it is dark outside.

Through December, Quintussentials, Inc. is pleased to offer free gift wrapping and free shipping and handling. They’ll even take care of the tax.

You may want to review their website,, for exclusive online pricing.  

“We know that everyone is concerned about the economy these days,” said Quintus. “The Garage Butler is essential for safety and security, and we are pleased to make the units more affordable this holiday season.”With the promotional pricing, you can give the Garage Butler to multiple friends or family members and keep one for yourself. Free shipping and free gift wrap make sending your Christmas gift completely hassle-free.Have you ever left the house and wondered if you closed the garage door? That’s a question that can irritate you all day at work or give you restless nights while on vacation. With the Garage Butler, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your home, family and possessions are protected.

The Garage Butler attaches to the current garage door button. Sensors on the garage door and track use magnetic contact points to sense if the garage door is fully closed.

“Our system works on the principle that the garage door must be fully closed for you, your family and your home to be fully protected,” said Quintus. “It works with all brands of garage door openers and does not override safety features.”

Garage burglaries increase around the holidays. These are often crimes of opportunity, with would-be burglars driving through neighborhoods searching for open garage doors. Items like golf clubs, tools and bicycles are easy to move and potentially sell at a pawn shop.

Both models are available for immediate delivery. Get peace of mind knowing your garage door, or a loved one’s garage door, is fully closed every time.

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