Patriotic Pyrotechnic Paradise

Fourth of July essentials you’ll need: a grill for barbecuing, lots of food and beverages, sunscreen, and, of course, fireworks!

By: Sheryl Sowell | Category: Recreation/Leisure | Issue: July 2009

Looking for a huge variety and great prices on Fourth of July fireworks? Visit the Castle of Muskogee, where you’ll find more than 30,000 square feet of space filled with fireworks of all kinds.

If you’re having family and friends over to celebrate the Fourth of July, here are a few essentials you’ll need: a grill for barbecuing, lots of food and beverages, sunscreen, and, of course, fireworks! For a huge selection and excellent prices, why not gather the family for a quick road trip to Muskogee? The Castle of Muskogee is a short 40 minute drive and is easily accessible from anywhere in the Tulsa metro area. The destination is certainly worth the trip, offering over 30,000 square feet of air-conditioned comfort with the largest assortment of fireworks in Mid-America.

The quantity and range of fireworks is staggering. Products range from small and safe for children (what kid doesn’t love sparklers?) to hundreds of items for teens and adults, including jumbo aerials, fountains, heavyweights, parachutes, novelties, rockets and roman candles. “We have the largest selection of heavyweights and multi-action displays in the country,” says Matt Hiller, vice president and advertising director of the Castle.

Continuing a trend that started several years ago, fireworks displays in the heavyweight category keep getting larger and more spectacular. Many are so large, they have room for internal timers that allow a more sustained show and more visual variety than older, one-fuse-lights-the-whole-display fireworks. The assortment of novelty fireworks continues to grow.

Since most fireworks are made in China today, we are seeing the benefits of the quality improvement campaign China has initiated. Although the Castle of Muskogee has always guaranteed its fireworks to light, the new, higher quality means absolutely no pyrotechnic disappointments on Independence Day.

Imagine a football field covered with row after row of fireworks as high as you can reach, and you’ll get an idea of what awaits you in Muskogee. Select from many versions of specially priced family packs to get the most bang for your buck.     

A spacious atmosphere and ample parking make the Castle optimal for shopping – families often spend hours wandering around, checking out all the fireworks. Merchants are on hand to provide helpful, knowledgeable, friendly assistance. Plenty of restrooms are available as well.

The Castle of Muskogee is located at 3400 Fern Mountain Road, one mile north of Muskogee off 69 Highway. Fireworks will be on sale July 1 through 4 from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. and July 5 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Special discount pricing is available July 5. 

For more information, contact

Castle of Muskogee

3400 Fern Mountain RoadMuskogee, OK 74401(918)

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Castle of Muskogee

For more information, contact:

Castle of Muskogee

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3400 W Fern Mountain Rd | Muskogee, OK 74401

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