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Patient Needed a Double Dose of Relief

Patient Charles Green received both of his successful knee replacements from orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ronald LaButti.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: November 2011

Charles Green praises his surgeon, Dr. Ronald S. LaButti, for relieving the pain in both of his knees.

Charles Green praises his surgeon, Dr. Ronald S. LaButti, for relieving the pain in both of his knees.

“I wish I had known then what I know now,” says Charles Green, patient and recipient of two highly successful knee replacement surgeries performed by Dr. Ronald LaButti. Charles began having pain in his right knee more than 25 years ago and kept putting off the inevitable. “I know it was very silly to put off having something done, but I admittedly had some fears and just didn’t want to face surgery.”

When a bone in his lower right leg began to split from the weight and pressure of bone ­rubbing bone, the pain was ­magnified to the point where he couldn’t do much of anything.
“I was in horrible pain 24/7,” says Charles. “I would come home from work and just sit in my recliner all evening trying to make myself comfortable and reduce the pain. I stopped doing yard work, didn’t attend church, and wouldn’t even go out for the newspaper.” He felt the guilt from becoming a burden to his family, since he could not do even the simplest tasks around the house.

Charles started checking out options and went to his general practitioner, who referred him to Dr. LaButti. He was X-rayed, and Dr. LaButti told him he had two options: “Have knee ­replacement surgery or have knee replacement surgery.” Dr. LaButti didn’t leave him much choice, but by this time the pain had become so intense that he was ready for anything that could possibly provide some relief and get him on his feet again, literally. The doctor was somewhat surprised that he was able to walk at all.

The right knee was replaced the summer of 2007. “It was amazing,” said Charles. “Immediately after surgery the pain was gone and I was up and walking again.” He never dreamed the results would come so quickly or that he could feel so great so soon. After surgery, he did a few weeks of therapy to improve flexibility and build muscle in the atrophied leg.

Charles’s left leg had not been a problem until two years ago. While working on his stereo system, he fell and landed on his left knee. He heard a sickening “crunching” sound when he hit the ground. Three to four weeks later, he was again suffering pain. Dr. LaButti showed him new X-rays and pointed out that the lower portion of the bone was decalcifying, a result of bone rubbing on bone. Again, the intense pain had become ­constant, and surgery was ­scheduled for July of this year. And again, immediately after knee replacement surgery, the pain was gone.

This time Dr. LaButti ­recommended Charles spend three weeks at a rehabilitation center, where he would receive total care and services from the doctors and staff. He was on a flexion machine two times each day and was able to attain the desired 120 degrees of motion in his knee. He then did additional stress therapy three times each week in a Broken Arrow therapy center. “I spent about an hour to an hour and a half at each ­session, which basically taught me to walk again through strength-building exercises,” Charles explains. He credits
Dr. LaButti, the rehab center, and the therapy exercises for his quick recovery.

“It’s amazing how many individuals still come to me and ask what the experience was like,” says Charles. “I’m always willing to share my experiences and good fortune. Dr. LaButti is honest, straight to the point, and I felt an immediate bond and trust with him. He has made me feel balanced again through my two knee replacement surgeries.”  

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