Patient Advises Not to Fear Hip Surgery

Steve’s turnaround was “phenomenal” – he woke up, and the pain was gone.

By: Sheryl Sowell | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: June 2010

Steve Selberg, a successful hip replacement patient of Dr. LaButti, at his home in Broken Arrow.

Steve Selberg, a successful hip replacement patient of Dr. LaButti, at his home in Broken Arrow.

Broken Arrow resident Steve Selberg had a whirlwind of a winter. Beginning in the summer of last year and gradually progressing throughout the rest of the year, he was experiencing pain and tightness in his hip. He took a vacation with his family to Disneyworld during the summer and found the amount of walking difficult. During hunting season, a hobby Steve and his family enjoy every fall, he started noticing pain while walking in the woods, which often kept him from going hunting.

At first he thought it was a back issue, but after seeing a few back specialists, Steve was told that the problem was in his hip. “One of the doctors I saw took an MRI of my hip, and immediately scheduled an appointment for me with an orthopedic surgeon,” says Steve. That surgeon, Dr. Ronald LaButti of Central States Orthopedic Specialists, would end up changing Steve’s life for the better.

“Dr. LaButti’s X-rays showed that I had developed avascular necrosis. The bones were deteriorating and rubbing against each other, causing me severe pain. He recommended total hip replacement surgery. By then the pain had become so intense, I took the first opening he had for surgery. I could really feel my hip deteriorating.”

Before the operation, Steve’s entire life revolved around trying to feel better. “When I got home from work, I would take a hot bath to try and ease the pain. It hurt to get off the couch and walk to the kitchen, and I was limping all the time.” After Dr. LaButti performed the surgery in March of this year, Steve’s turnaround was “phenomenal” – he woke up, and the pain was gone.

“I was so amazed. Right from the beginning, the pain had completely disappeared. I was even walking a little the very next day. Five weeks after the surgery, I could easily walk without a problem.”

Steve believes that if you do what Dr. LaButti instructs of you during the entire process, you will be successful. “Dr. LaButti is personable, reassuring and will discuss your situation with you – where you’re at and what your options are. He is very thorough and knowledgeable.”

Throughout his life, Steve has played sports, including baseball for Oral Roberts University, and he’s had many injuries and surgeries over the years. “Even though it is a major operation, no one should be afraid of having a hip replacement. It’s one of the least painful surgeries I’ve ever had and is 100 percent worth it. I feel like my life is being given back to me. My dad had a hip replacement within a month of mine, and he feels the exact same way.”

Steve stays busy working for an oil and gas company and raising three teenaged sons with his wife. After the success of his surgery, he is most grateful to be able to enjoy time with his family again – without pain.   

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