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Dr. Michele Neil of the Functional Medical Institute can help patients with all types of imbalance.

By: Sheryl Sowell | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: August 2014

Dr. Michele Neil, Functional Medical Institute.

Dr. Michele Neil, Functional Medical Institute.

Health speaks volumes. Do you want to be an individual who is riddled with chronic disease, aches and pains and debilitating illness, or would you rather have the vim and vigor of a 30-year-old in your 50s, 60s and beyond? If you answered yes to the second half of the question, perhaps you should make your way to the Functional Medical Institute. Dr. Michele Neil, Internal Medicine, Sports Medicine Physician, has created a pathway to wellness by changing lifestyle from the ground up. We know that lifestyle plays an astronomical role in our long-term wellbeing. Don’t take your health for granted by being uneducated and a victim of the “Standard American Diet.” Take charge and rise to the top of the food chain in vitality, energy and wellbeing.  

Dr. Neil works with patients with all types of imbalance. Most imbalance has its root in how we live our daily lives. The gasoline we put in the engine of our human motor vehicle is responsible for the type of mileage we get. “All chronic conditions begin with inflammation,” she explains. Inflammation is set in motion when the internal organs and the immune system are compromised by being met with the day-in, day-out challenge of polluted nutrition. This chronic pollution leads to chronic debility and includes signs such as joint aches and pain, brain fogginess, delayed recovery time, depression, headaches, weight gain and more. These are all signs that one’s metabolic status may need medical attention.  

The typical SAD – Standard American Diet, loaded with sugar, processed, packaged junk, trans and fake fats is taking a huge toll on our health. And metabolic disease is occurring at earlier ages than ever before. Once a disease thought to onset in the older years, Type 2 diabetes is showing up in our young people. “When we learn to tame our lifestyle, we can control not only diabetes, but other metabolic diseases and syndromes of chronic inflammation.”

True to her commitment to healing patients from the root cause of their ailment and empowering them with the resources to maintain the best possible health, Dr. Neil incorporates a program called “Physicians Prescription for Nutrition.” This consists of a 12-week lifestyle modification/education series that is individualized for each patient. The goal is to teach them to make the best choices regarding nutrition, exercise, stress and hormone balance. She teaches an ongoing nutrition clinic series of comprehensive health and wellness topics.  “Nutrition is 85 percent of our long-term outcome,” she adds. Yes, we really are what we eat.  

To assist Dr. Neil in this endeavor, the Functional Medical Institute welcomes Naturopath Mark Sherwood. Dr. Sherwood has an extensive background in nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle counseling. He states, “There is no time like the present to make a change. Now is the time! We simply do not have time to not have time.” With the combination Doctors Neil and Sherwood, you will experience an extremely dynamic pair who lives out their passion. “We promote a team environment based on trust, accountability, and excellence. You will get results.”

The sooner imbalance is discovered and treated, the better health one can expect in the future. Dr. Neil is accepting new patients who want to get well and stay well with her help at the Functional Medical Institute. “Come and experience the wellness life.”

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Dr. Michele Neil, Functional Medical Institute

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