Passion, Prayer, Patience and Persistence

These are the principles Robin Anderson, Republican candidate for Rogers County Clerk, strives to live by.

By: Deanna Rebro | Category: Other | Issue: June 2012

Robin Anderson, Republican candidate for 
Rogers County Clerk.

Robin Anderson, Republican candidate for Rogers County Clerk.

With the June 26th primary election quickly approaching, one of the main election slots Rogers County citizens will be asked to fill is for Rogers County Clerk. Long-time Rogers County ­resident Robin Anderson is asking for ­consideration for this position, pointing to her eight years of service in county government as proof she has the needed ­reputation, skills and ­commitment to do the job well. Robin is a true conservative Republican with Republican family roots going back to 1959. Her family is active in the Verdigris Assembly of God.

“As an experienced county leader, I have worked with Senator Inhofe, Senator Coburn, and Congressman John Sullivan’s offices to acquire $13,000,000 in federal funding for Rogers County,” says Robin. She is accredited and certified with 171 hours with OSU, and has completed the highest level of the county training program. “Through the National Association of Counties, I have established a pharmacy discount card that is available for all Rogers County residents.” She also understands the need to work together with neighboring communities and has established strong working relationships with leaders such as Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett to help each community reach mutual and interconnected goals.

Robin volunteers much of her time to community pursuits as well. She works with the ­camera crew at RSU, helps with various clubs and organizations, and puts an extra amount of her passion toward working to help special needs children. “As a grandparent of a special needs child, I am committed to helping her and others achieve their goals,” she says. “I am passionate about volunteering in the ­community by being active in the PAL mentoring program through Claremore Public Schools and would encourage others to do so.”

Before she began working within county government, Robin spent many years running her own home-based business, which she feels gave her solid foundation for later work, as she had to create and work off a budget and hire and supervise personnel to keep the business running smoothly. “This gave me the experience I need for any ­situation in life, as I developed what I consider to be the four principles of success,” says Robin. “Those are passion, prayer, patience, and persistence.”

Robin lives by these ­principles and plans to continue using them to reach some ­specific goals, should she be elected to the office of Rogers County Clerk. “One of my goals is to have all records online and to have complete transparency and availability for Rogers County citizens to access any record by working hand in hand with our technology ­department,” says Robin. “As County Clerk, I will work with IT to have a user-friendly ­website, reduce budgetary needs and produce audits that balance with the Treasurer’s Office and improve access for the Board of County Commissioners.”

Working within the county government has opened Robin’s eyes to these and other needs that she might not otherwise have seen and helped her decide to run for the Republican ­candidacy. “I also sensed an urgency to have conservative, Christian Republicans in office,” she says. Robin is ­treasurer of the Rogers County Republican Women’s Club.

To sum up one of her ­driving philosophies in life, Robin quotes a very famous Republican leader, former President Ronald Reagan: “I know in my heart that man is good. That what is right will eventually triumph, and there’s purpose and worth to each and every life.”­­­­­

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Robin Anderson for Rogers County Clerk

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