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Pampering for Everyday People

Have you ever heard the old saying, “Put on your best face”? There’s a lot of meaning behind it, say Cathy Boyd and Katie Phelan.

By: Deanna Rebro | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: April 2009

Preferred Skin Solutions owners Cathy Boyd and Katie Phelan offer a little bit of pampering at affordable prices.

Have you ever heard the old saying, “Put on your best face”? There’s a lot of meaning behind it, say Cathy Boyd and Katie Phelan. The two sisters and licensed skincare therapists are convinced that one of the first steps in feeling good about yourself is clean, healthy skin. They see the genuine smiles and boost in confidence of clients they serve at Preferred Skin Solutions.

The ladies jokingly say that they are on a mission to clean skin – anyone’s skin. But they are serious about it. After acquiring their licenses last year, Cathy and Katie talked about the thousands of people in the area who want and need good skincare, but cannot afford high-priced spas. So they set their sights on a simple, no-frills studio in a convenient location in order to deliver great service at a reasonable price.

Facials, described as pampering experiences, are their specialty. They have developed three levels of pampering experiences that vary in length of time, services performed, and price. A good back-to-basics skin cleansing facial, they explain, gets rid of the dirt, oil and bacteria from long-lasting makeup, daily sunscreens, self-tanners and other pollutants.

One recent customer, who had been a cook for many years, could not believe how much better she looked and how much better her skin felt after the buildup on her face was removed.

Cathy and Katie use only professional products that deep clean, yet are gentle on skin. Specific products meet specific needs, including allergic sensitivities. But unlike most spas, Preferred Skin Solutions is not a retail outlet. “We don’t try to sell expensive products for customers to use at home,” says Cathy. They’ll actually recommend over-the-counter products best suited for the client’s skin type. First-timers get this information in their special PSS goodie bag that includes a lip balm, magnet and chocolate treat.

The quality of their work can be seen on smooth, radiant faces from as far away as Dallas and Kansas. One couple said they have had facials all over the world, including Asia and England, and Preferred Skin Solutions was one of the best they experienced.

For some situations, such as acne, aging effects and rosacea, they recommend special LED light treatment therapy. LED light treatment is recognized as the latest and most advanced technology in skincare. It takes the place of many previously invasive procedures. Treatment is pain-free and effective, with no downtime and no after care.

Professional equipment is very expensive and found primarily in luxury spas. In an essay that Cathy submitted to Renew, a trade magazine for skincare professionals, she wrote about how the two wanted “to provide a little bit of pampering for everyday people.” Her sincere sentiment earned the sisters an LED light therapy system to further their mission.

The same equipment enabled them to introduce their latest service – teeth whitening. Just one 15-minute treatment can brighten a smile for as long as six months. The cost is about a third of what most dentists charge.

Bigger savings are available with loyalty cards, referrals and birthday discounts. Doubles, too, can save money. A pampering experience is always more fun when it’s shared. Cathy and Katie encourage everyone to book an appointment with their spouse, relative or friend.

Preferred Skin Solutions is open by appointment only, to suit customers’ schedules. Before and after work or weekend appointments are available at no extra charge. Call or text message (918) 902-4448. They are located at 5555 S. Lewis, on the second level in Open World Gardens. From the south entrance, go up the stairway and turn right.

For more information, contact

Preferred Skin Solutions

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Tulsa, OK  74105
(918) 902-4448

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