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The staff at Spinal Decompression of Oklahoma may be able to help you live pain free.

By: Susan Erler | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: December 2010

Dennis Barnes is a happy, pain-free patient of Spinal Decompression of Oklahoma.

Dennis Barnes is a happy, pain-free patient of Spinal Decompression of Oklahoma.

For anyone who has experienced a pulled muscle or a pinched nerve, you know how painful it can be. Small tasks suddenly seem monumental, and just getting through each day becomes a struggle. For thousands of Oklahomans, this life is a reality. Many don’t even go to see a doctor for fear of surgery or a lengthy and expensive treatment program. But, you don’t have to live your life in constant pain. Recent spinal decompression patient Dennis Barnes says, “Don’t suffer in pain needlessly!” The staff at Spinal Decompression of Oklahoma may be able to help you live pain free, but you will never know until you give them a call.

For patient Dennis Barnes, life had gotten increasingly difficult. He suspected that his pain was from a back injury he experienced in the 70s. The injury was severe enough to require surgery, but with surgery and physical therapy, Dennis was feeling pretty good. He just took care when lifting heavy items and along with a walking program, kept himself in good health. He thought his days of back pain were over. Unfortunately, in April of 2010, the pain returned with a vengeance. Dennis was experiencing severe pain daily and thought that another back surgery was in his future – a thought that he was not looking forward to. Then, while reading a news article about another individual with severe back pain who had found relief, Dennis decided that it was worth giving the doctor a call.

Dr. Gary Fortner, with Spinal Decompression of Oklahoma, did X-rays and an MRI of Dennis’s back and found four discs that had areas of concern. “I was hurting so badly at this point I couldn’t sit still, couldn’t stand, couldn’t sleep – my entire life revolved around this pain I was experiencing,” explains Dennis. “I knew I didn’t want to go through surgery again, so I decided to give this a try. After meeting Dr. Fortner, I really felt like I could believe in him and trust him, so when he said he could help me, I decided to give it a try.”

Spinal decompression is the perfect alternative to surgery for a great number of people. And the treatment is quick and easy. Dennis says that he actually looked forward to his appointments. In his case, he started out with 5 minutes of ultrasound for relaxing the deep muscle tissue and then lying down on hot moist towels for approximately 15 minutes. That was one of his favorite parts. Next, a special belt and vest are placed on the patient, the patient boards the Spina machine standing and then the machine tilts you to where you are lying down.

The vest is used to keep the upper body stationary as the belt will allow a gentle and precise pull at the exact tension and angle as their doctor prescribes. This treatment allows injured discs to get fluid and circulation to the damaged areas. Finally, ice packs and e-stim are placed on the injured area to ease discomfort. “I don’t completely understand the procedure, but I do know that it worked,” he says.

After eight visits, Dennis began to feel a tremendous difference. Within two months, Dennis was completely pain free, without the expense and trauma of surgery. “My quality of life is wonderful again, and I feel like I can live my life the way I want to,” says Dennis. “It has been amazing the difference Dr. Fortner has made in my life. I just want everyone out there that is experiencing back pain to give Spinal Decompression of Oklahoma a try. Sometimes surgery is necessary, but if you can get the pain relief you want without going under the knife, isn’t that much better?”

In Dennis’s case, his insurance covered most of the expense for treatments, but a quick phone call to (918) 341-1250, and they can tell you exactly what is covered and what to expect. No surprises! Spinal Decompression of Oklahoma is located at 1408 N. Florence Ave in Claremore.

As for Dennis, he has never regretted his decision to give this alternative treatment a try. “I am still careful when I lift heavy items, but I can do pretty much anything I want pain free. That is the best part,” says Dennis. “And I have been able to resume my daily walks! Life is great again and most important, I get to live it without pain.”

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