Pain-Free Knees, Please

Kathy Stone of Poteau now lives without knee pain after two total knee replacements from Dr. LaButti.

By: Joshua Danker-Dake | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: June 2013

Dr. Ronald S. LaButti, the “hip and knee doc.”

Dr. Ronald S. LaButti, the “hip and knee doc.”

In the last year, Kathy Stone, of Poteau, has had both knees replaced by Dr. Ronald S. LaButti. “I’ve had knee problems forever,” says Kathy, a former floral and interior designer who now works in her husband’s ­chiropractic practice. “Everything I did would cause horrible pain and swelling, and it just kept getting worse. I knew that something had to be done or else I would probably end up in a wheelchair, and at 58, that was not an option.”

    Kathy researched new ­robotic knee replacement ­procedures, and found that Dr. LaButti offered what she was looking for. Dr. LaButti offers computer-navigated robotic total knee replacement, which maps the patient’s knee joint without preoperative CT or MRI scans and allows Dr. LaButti to ­determine the size and position of the implant before making any bone cuts. This procedure can increase accuracy for implant placement, make implants last longer, and reduce recovery time.

    Kathy had her right knee replaced via this method in August of 2012. “I was amazed at how quickly I healed,” she says. “Even the pain I had after surgery was much less than the pain I’d been living with for so long.” Six months later, Kathy’s right knee was pain-free, she says. She had her left knee replaced in January, again using this procedure. “The results are just as good as before. I’m ­walking great without a cane, crutches, or a walker.”

    Kathy says she was also very satisfied with her pre-surgery experience with Dr. LaButti. “I was surprised at how quickly I got an appointment, and Dr. LaButti was straightforward and to the point. I was impressed with how quickly everything was set up.”

    Kathy says, “In my ­chiropractic office, we have a lot of patients with the same ­problems I had. They are amazed at how well I have done, and often want to know who did my surgeries. I enthusiastically ­recommend Dr. LaButti to our patients, and I know that they will get the best care and ­treatment. I’m grateful to Dr. LaButti and his great staff for the wonderful care I received.”

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