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Owasso’s Finest in Prime Condition

Owasso Fitness Zone’s Paul Gatton offers discounted memberships to employees of the City of Owasso and the Owasso Fire and Police Departments.

By: Lorrie Jackson | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: August 2007

Billy “Mo” Mozingo, Tracy Townsend, Paul Gatton and Chris Latta are pictured at Owasso Fitness Zone.

Nine years ago, Officer Tracy Townsend of the Owasso Police Department was looking for a good place to work out. He discovered Owasso Fitness Zone, owned and operated by Paul Gatton and his two brothers, and has been a regular client ever since.

“The main reason I like Owasso Fitness Zone is because I got to know the Gatton family, and I really enjoyed their company,” Townsend says. “They offer such a great family atmosphere; I can even bring my kids with me.”

The dedicated client adds that the personal instruction given by Owasso Fitness Zone makes the place unique. “These guys offer personal attention when you need it,” Townsend mentions. “Obviously people are going to have questions; there’s always someone there to answer those questions.”

Although Townsend was the first member of the Owasso Police Department to join Owasso Fitness Zone, he was not the last. A few years after Townsend discovered Owasso Fitness Zone, three other officers entered the 911 Fitness Challenge and signed on with the workout facility to lose weight and get in shape. Gatton no later joined forces with the entire police department, giving employees the opportunity to join his gym at a discounted rate. As a result, a growing portion of the police force takes advantage of the program.

Detective Billy “Mo” Mozingo has been working out at Owasso Fitness Zone for about four years. “I work out in the mornings,” Mozingo says. “Sometimes I have to push myself to get out of bed early, but it’s worth it. When I miss a day, I don’t feel as well as I usually do.” The addition of daily exercise in his life has made a huge difference in his physical wellbeing. “Working out gives me more energy during the day, and I sleep better at night,” Mozingo says. “Plus, I haven’t been sick in quite awhile.”

Mozingo also points out that by sponsoring the Owasso Police Department to exercise regularly, the City of Owasso is helping to cut down on injury.

Both Detective Mozingo and Officer Townsend comment on the great balance of workout opportunities at Owasso Fitness Zone. “There is a really good mix of all types of equipment here: free weights, cardio machines, strength training equipment,” notes Townsend. “In fact, everything that has been mentioned makes people want to go to Owasso Fitness Zone to workout; from the way the staff makes clients feel wanted and welcome here to the quality equipment.”

For Gatton, the feeling is not one-sided. “I’ve developed a lot of good friendships through my affiliation with the police department,” he says. “I see them, not just as clients, but as people and friends.” Due to the new friendships he has made and his loyalty to the community, Gatton has recently extended to City of Owasso employees the same discount received by Owasso police and firemen. “Owasso is my home,” Gatton says. “I’ve lived here for nine years, and I’ve had my business here the entire time. This is my home, and I want to support my community. I feel that city employees are not appreciated like they should be. I want to help remedy that.”

Gatton wants everyone who walks through the doors of Owasso Fitness Zone to feel wanted and appreciated. In addition to personal training, varied equipment and dietary advisement, the Gatton brothers offer a personal touch to their business that is uncommon in today’s fast-paced world. “I just love taking care of people,” Gatton mentions. “That’s my satisfaction. When clients come here to work out, they are not just numbers. All our clients are important to us.”

If you want to work out in a comfortable place where all shapes, sizes and ages are welcome, visit the Owasso Fitness Zone. Be sure to keep your eyes open for the new line of supplements coming soon to Owasso Fitness Zone courtesy of Mark Sherwood, detective for the Tulsa Police Department.

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