Over 30 Years of Clean Sweeps

David Harris began his Black Hat Chimney Sweep business in 1977.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: October 2008

The Black Hat Cleaning Services family (L to R): Jeremiah, Patience, twins Lillie and Cecilia, Michelle, founder David Harris, and Emory.

David Harris began his Black Hat Chimney Sweep business in 1977. Since that time, the successful family-owned and operated business has changed its name to Black Hat Cleaning Services and has expanded into many other areas of cleaning services out of necessity. Remember the old saying, “Necessity breeds invention”?

In 1983 David Sr. was the first major air duct cleaner in the Tulsa area, and in 1984 it was he who invented a video device enabling him – and his customers – to see the corrosion and deterioration that was going on in their home’s duct work. Out of necessity, he had invented a video device for scanning air ducts that was similar to the one he had used to scan chimneys.

Today, Black Hat Cleaning Services is operated by David Sr. and his two sons, David CR and Jeremiah, and two daughters, Patience and Michelle. David CR runs the air duct cleaning division and Jeremiah runs the chimney and dryer vent cleaning and replacement division.

The company cleans, repairs and replaces chimneys, air ducts and dryer vents. It also specializes in insulation removal, water extraction from ductwork, and more. Black Hat carries a complete line of chimney caps, gas logs and fireplace inserts, which they also service and install. The company sells and installs pop-down grills and electrostatic filters for furnaces or returns. The electrostatic filters are efficient, easy to clean with water, and carry a lifetime warranty.

“The average six-room home circulates about 40 pounds of dirt and dust a year,” says David. These dirty materials circulate through your air ducts and vents and contaminate the air you breathe at home or at the office. If vents are dirty, dusty, clogged or contaminated, you may be susceptible to allergies, infections, unpleasant odors, and possibly higher utility bills. Black Hat suggests having air ducts cleaned every three years or less. You should also change your furnace or return filter every month to reduce these common risks.

After cleaning the air-handling portion of your central air and heat unit, Black Hat sanitizes the system. This sanitizer kills airborne mold and mildew for a year. Air ducts located in the cement slab of your home or business can be damaged or partially destroyed. They can now be repaired rather than having to install a new overhead system.

You can get a complete quote for air duct cleaning by simply counting the number of vent openings in your home and giving Black Hat a call. Before they start a job, they will confirm the vent openings count and give you a revised quote if necessary. Once the accurate vent count is confirmed, there are no additional charges.

Ignoring what’s going on inside your chimney could result in flue fires, improper ventilation, excessive moisture, and even worse, a home fire. Harris recommends cleaning your chimney every two to three ricks of wood, the best way to keep your chimney and home safe.

If a dryer vent duct gets a buildup of lint, it can clog and cause the dryer to use more energy. Additionally, lint is highly inflammable. According to David, “If your dryer doesn’t dry within one cycle, it’s time to have your dryer vent cleaned and inspected.”

For greater peace of mind, contact the Black Hat Cleaning Services family for a complete inspection of possible hazards that may be lurking in the chimneys and ducts of your home or business.

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