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Grout Care of Tulsa offers an affordable option to tile and grout replacement.

By: Eddie Stephens | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: February 2007

Kent Kantor is Owner and Founder of this nine-year-old business.

Replace or restore. Did you know you have options regarding your home’s tile and grout?

Grout Care of Tulsa simplifies the decision. They are interested in helping you find an affordable solution.

For nine years Kent Kantor has established his business with one emphasis, “Our goal is to restore your tile and grout.”

Kantor is aware of the costs associated with partial or total replacement. He operates a true grout and tile maintenance company.

We do one thing and we do it right! Clarity, focus and expertise enable Grout Care of Tulsa to offer value-for-money service to an extensive residential and commercial client base.

Tile and grout problems vary. Fixing the problem in a cost-effective and time-efficient way is how Kantor defines his approach.

“Many times the issue is unsightly mold with varying levels of deterioration or damage. Whatever contributes to it, we fix the problem,” Kantor guarantees.

Cost-effectiveness relies heavily on how and when the problem is handled. “It’s important that a customer contact us before a total re-do is necessary or decided upon,” Kantor emphasizes.

“Early assessment is vital. Contact us early and you can avoid tearing out or replacing expensive tile and grout.”

Grout Care of Tulsa takes a more cost-effective route by refurbishing. Their expertise can restore and extend the life of existing tile and grout.

According to Kantor, the savings are worth considering. The time investment is minimal with their 15 minute, free estimate to assess your situation.

Four services are available once the estimate is complete. Grout Care of Tulsa will “clean” the grout and tile to help restore a like-new appearance.

They will “seal” the grout which is a procedure that enables you to keep it clean. “Re-grouting” is applied to needed areas and “staining/color changing” the grout enhances and creates a fresh, appealing look throughout the treated area.

Kantor believes these four procedures produce amazing results. “The problem area typically looks bad when we show up but it looks great when the job is completed,” he says with utmost confidence.

Tile appearance is the issue for many customers. According to Kantor, unless the tile is totally dated, replacement costs exceed re-grouting.

It is believed that replacing tile and grout increases a home’s value. Kantor believes otherwise, noting that a less costly restoration can equally accomplish similar results.

He encourages home buyers and sellers to consider his affordable option. Contact him before you choose what is a more expensive route on the road to home improvement.

“Simply put, re-grouting is the way to go. Why spend more?” asks Kantor. When you want an option to otherwise expensive replacement of tile and grout you have one with Grout Care of Tulsa. They do one thing and they do it right! If you have cracked, molded or dirty grout be sure and call Grout Care of Tulsa.

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