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Dr. Mallory Spoor-Baker offers treatment for spider and varicose veins.

By: Value News | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: December 2007

Dr. Mallory Spoor-Baker

One of the main reasons women decline to show their legs in public is not because of shape but because of unsightly leg veins. Leg veins can produce an unattractive pattern on otherwise beautiful legs; however, there is a solution. Mallory Spoor-Baker, D.O., offers safe and effective treatments for spider and varicose veins, allowing you to feel beautiful again and unafraid to wear shorts.

Spider veins, also known as broken capillaries, are thin and appear in clusters of red, blue or purple veins. These veins resemble spider legs, hence their name. Varicose veins are thicker and deeper. Both leg vein problems are the result of abnormal blood flow through the veins. Basically, any condition that puts excessive pressure on an individual’s legs can result in varicosity. Pregnancy, standing for long periods of time and obesity are just a few. Genetics and age are also contributing factors. Due to hormones, spider and varicose veins are more prevalent in women than in men.

“Heredity and occupation, as well as overall health status, has a lot to do with whether or not people develop these conditions,” says Dr. Spoor-Baker.

Although spider and varicose veins can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful, people usually have them treated for cosmetic reasons. There are two methods by which leg veins can be eliminated. “The first method is a slerotherapy procedure in which chemicals are injected into the vessel,” Dr. Spoor-Baker explains. “The second method uses a laser to damage the vessels and cause them to shut down. The laser’s light penetrates the skin to get to the vessel.”

The treatment feels like being pinched, so no pain medication or anesthesia is needed. Laser sessions last from 15 to 20 minutes and are performed every four to six weeks. While the number of treatments needed by a patient depends on the size of their vessels and other factors, two to five treatments are typical.

According to Dr. Spoor-Baker, the best time of the year to have treatments performed is during the winter. Because some patients may experience slight reddening and swelling of the skin and, in rare cases, some blistering, most people prefer to keep their legs covered until treatments are completed. And wearing pants during the cold months is more common than in the summer heat. During the time between and after treatments, Dr. Spoor-Baker has her patients wear compression hose, which is unlike common, sheer pantyhose, to speed the healing process. Again, patients prefer to cover their legs with pants or long skirts during this time.

Dr. Spoor-Baker is a graduate of Oklahoma State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine. Her practice, Advanced Cosmetic Medicine, also offers an array of other cosmetic services, including the laser hair removal and the removal of age spots, freckles, birthmarks, facial veins and vascular legions.

For more information, contact Dr. Spoor-Baker at Advanced Cosmetic Medicine. Call (918) 280-0270 today for a free consultation on how you can improve your appearance, as well as your health.

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