Old World Style, New Age Technique

DecoPierre is a new company that has recently opened its Tulsa doors and is now taking orders for products that truly offer old world style using a new age technique.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: October 2008

Harold Bruton, owner of DecoPierre of Tulsa, displays one of the unique DecoRock natural limestone decorative wall coatings in his showroom.

DecoPierre is a new company that has recently opened its Tulsa doors and is now taking orders for products that truly offer old world style using a new age technique. DecoPierre of Tulsa is owned and operated by Harold Bruton and features a process that utilizes ancestral techniques applied by certified artisans. It may be applied to homes and commercial buildings or used to accent exteriors and interiors.  

DecoPierre began in Montpellier, France, and its products are now available in most of Europe and the United States through a network of distributors and dealers and installers. DecoRock is the company’s unique and exclusive interior and exterior natural limestone decorative wall coating product.

DecoPierre is currently available in 13 states, after being on the U.S. market for only three years. “The company is in the home and commercial improvement business of transforming new and old, internal and external walls into majestic limestone with all-natural and aged stone properties,” says Harold.

Stone is still in high demand in today’s building industry, and DecoPierre has applied modern technologies to put natural limestone within the limits of just about any budget.

Exterior fireplace utilizing DecoPierre\'s DecoRock, a spray-on finish made from natural limestone.

How do DecoPierre’s products work? According to Harold, “The proprietary formula retards the natural limestone cycle in the initial hours of curing and opens a window of opportunity for modifying it into different shapes and colors.” The formula also allows bonding and curing to take place on a vertical surface. The natural stone pigments become part of the limestone hardness. The final result is a natural limestone masonry veneer that is handcrafted to the texture and colors desired by the customer.

Made from natural limestone, the product eliminates worries about moisture and vapors getting trapped and causing damage to the substrate or the material on which it has been sprayed, including stucco, brick, EIFS, sealed concrete and prefabricated veneers. The permeable material allows walls to breathe, reducing moisture. The material is also said to be very elastic and has minimum shrinkage and cracking. Not only does the material have elasticity, it is eco-friendly, resistant to bacteria and vegetation growth, and resistant to salts and chlorines.

DecoRock is not man-made like most veneers, but produced on site, which reduces the cost of installation. This product is neither pre-cast nor molded to uniform stone designs, thus increasing aesthetic value, versatility of design and natural beauty. DecoRock is not concrete based. Concrete is not vapor permeable, requires the use of sand mortars, and over time will deteriorate. The reconstituted limestone used in DecoRock weighs only 25 percent of the total weight of stone or brick. Should the foundation ever crack, DecoPierre limestone veneer can be unnoticeably repaired, versus removing bricks, stucco or stone. It is also impervious to termites, rot and fungi.

DecoRock has an expensive look, strength and natural beauty of cut stone, fired brick, field stone and river rock, and, once cured, it becomes real stone. DecoPierre provides great design versatility and a multitude of colors. Because it is made of real limestone, it may be made to represent any natural stone or brick pattern and color imaginable.

DecoRock is used on interior and exterior walls, fireplaces, wine cellars, hallways, ceilings, showrooms and offices. It will enhance or completely change your home or office by adding warmth, durability and harmony of stones. Visit the DecoPierre of Tulsa showroom to see multiple applications of this versatile new product.

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