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By: Lorrie Jackson | Category: Home Interior Retail | Issue: July 2007

Sherri and Wade Faust, owners of Remember When, offer a wide selection of antiques, vintage items and collectibles at their store.

Sometimes it seems we live in a disposable society. When something grows old or worn, we often just toss it aside in favor of something new. However, Sherri Faust, owner of Remember When… Antiques alongside her husband Wade, urges everyone to think twice before throwing out the old.

“People today are becoming more eco-conscious,” Sherri says. “They are looking for ways to reuse the things they have.” Sherri calls this process “repurposing,” and shoppers can find many repurposed items on the showroom floor at Remember When… Antiques. A few examples of available repurposed items are:

  • An old treadle sewing cabinet turned into a vintage nightstand
  • An antique wooden icebox transformed into an entertainment center
  • A set of old suitcases stacked and made into a coffee table
  • A ladder repainted, sealed with Clear Cote and turned into a towel rack for the bathroom
  • An iron headboard and footboard cut down and made into a bench

Sherri does not only sell repurposed items like these, but she helps customers find new uses for their current belongings. She recounts one occasion where a client had grown tired of a corner seating dining unit. Instead of purchasing a brand new set, the client followed Sherri’s suggestions to repurpose the items. She took the corner seat out, painted it to match her son’s bedroom décor, and she used it as a bench at the foot of his bed. The client then painted the table base and added mixed and matched painted chairs from Remember When… Antiques to give the set the popular eclectic look. “This customer found she didn’t really need new furniture,” Sherri says. “She just needed fresh inspiration for the things she already had.”

Some customers many not be tired of certain items but still want to add freshness to their décor. “Sometimes just adding a bit of paint can save a piece of furniture,” says Sherri. “It will give it a new lease on life.”

A repurposed cabinet has been decorated with a mosaic of broken glassware.

Sherri also points out that many people have chipped, broken glassware and china that they do not want to throw away for sentimental reasons. She suggests breaking the pieces up and creating a mosaic to enhance a cabinet door or the top of a repurposed side table. “This way, you’ve saved not only your dishes but your table or cabinet door as well,” Sherri says.

Perhaps you have plenty of glassware and china in good condition, but you cannot think of a creative way to display it. Sherri also offers plenty of suggestions in this area. “Colored glass like cobalt, amethyst and carnival glass look great displayed in the window where the light can shine through them,” she says. “For a unique, modern display, put vaseline glass in a hutch with a black light. The black light will cause the glass to shine, bringing out colors you didn’t even know were there.”

Those who can never get enough glassware or china can find plenty at Remember When. The Fausts have every imaginable brand of vintage glassware and dishes, including Fiesta, Fire King, Pyrex, Metloxes, LuRay, Universal, Cambridge and many more.

Remember When has something for every antique lover. The store carries a wide selection of furniture, accessories, light fixtures, linens, vintage clothing and even vintage jewelry in all the popular old brands like Marvella and Trifari. Sherri and Wade travel out of state twice a year to find unique items, and they also have many dealers bring items in from northern states. Popular vendors at Remember When include Harley and Maude, which was formerly Junkyard Gypsies, Fancy That and Bit of Country.

Not only can Sherri’s love of antiques be seen throughout the store, but shoppers can also see her commitment to preservation and conservation. “I love dressing up and customizing items,” Sherri says. “I love to take something plain and make it fabulous.”

To catch a bit of Sherri’s vision, visit Remember When. The store is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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