Old-Fashioned Customer Service

Thompson’s General Store has remained successful for 23 years by offering a variety of goods and services as well as good old-fashioned customer care.

By: Susan Erler | Category: Retail | Issue: May 2013

Stevie Thompson, owner of Thompson’s General Store.

Stevie Thompson, owner of Thompson’s General Store.

Located off the main roads in Owasso is an unassuming small building that many drive by every day, never realizing that inside those walls lies an ­impressive ­collection of items encompassing every category of need. Everything from crystal wine ­bottle toppers to salt licks for ­rabbits to home décor to ­fertilizer for your lawn, Thompson’s General Store remains one of the last of its kind. It is the truest definition of a general store, ­carrying a broad selection of ­merchandise in a small space while being a place where locals come to purchase many of their daily goods.

    Thompson’s General Store is a family-owned business that opened its doors in April of 1990 and now 23 years later, still remains an integral part of the local community. Owner Stevie Thompson enjoys ­greeting each and every ­customer who walks through her doors. Some are old friends and loyal customers who have been a part of her business since the day it opened; others are ­walking in for the first time, amazed at what they find inside. But all can find goods, services and products to make life a little better.

    Stevie offers customers more than just products. She has set herself apart by doing something that seems so simple, but also seems so elusive: she treats her customers as she would like to be treated. “I have had so many people visit my store who are amazed when I come out from behind the counter and actually talk to them,” she laughs. “They almost gasp when I ask if I can help them find ­anything, or if I can answer a question for them. I find it so gratifying when I know someone has walked out my door knowing that I value their business, and with answers to their questions.” Such a ­simple concept, yet one that is such a rare find.

    Just another reason that Thompson’s General Store is in a league of its own – a genuine interest in customer needs. Stevie always takes time to talk to ­customers, getting them to open up about the underlying problem they are trying to solve. She asks plenty of questions so she can give one-on-one advice, and often helps customers find the best solution to their specific ­situation. “In so many cases, a customer will ask me a non-­specific question, so I try to delve deeper into their actual need. Sometimes a question about their pet’s appetite really has a deeper issue. I have a wealth of ­knowledge from my years in this business, which helps me guide them to the right resolution.”

    Stevie is excited to invite everyone in Owasso and the ­surrounding areas to an upcoming informational seminar. The class is being held Saturday, May 4 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. and will cover many important topics such as plant growth, how to enhance your soil, and how to do so using environmentally ­friendly products. Leading the seminar will be representatives from Royal Grow. This company has a fantastic reputation for quality products that are all earth ­friendly. For more information about the company, visit www.royal-grow.com.

    In addition to Thompson’s huge selection of livestock feed, products to care for all your pets and animals, and organic garden products, they also offer ­specialty gifts for weddings or baby ­showers. One of the most ­popular lines she sells is the Baby Laundry company. Burpie swaddlers and cuddle blankets are made with the softest ­material imaginable. “Once you feel them, you will have to have one,” says Stevie. “I am having a hard time keeping them on the shelf, and the popularity of these items has helped bring people into our store that may not ever have come in. It’s always exciting to know that you have offered to your community a quality ­product that they can’t find at the larger retail stores.”

    Don’t wait until you actually have a “need” to visit Thompson’s General Store. Just take the time to stop in for a ­visit, but be sure to give yourself plenty of browsing time. You are sure to walk away with ­something amazing!

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